March 25, 2020

Good morning,

I hope this email finds you and your student(s) settling into a routine with the STVM online learning platform. The teachers continue to provide engaging lessons and activities and are making themselves available to students during online office hours (scheduled 2-3 hours each week). Please continue to encourage your student(s) to utilize all of the school resources available to them. The tutors and school counselors are available for individual help and assistance as needed.

Student Survey
The administration sent a survey to students and teachers at the end of last week to gauge how everyone is adapting to distance learning. The feedback from students was predominantly positive, with some great suggestions for how we can make some minor adjustments which will enable more students to experience success. A number of students identified that it is difficult for them to stay organized, to keep track of what assignments are due and when live lessons are scheduled to occur. As a result of that student feedback, beginning this week, each teacher has included a “Week at a Glance” document which allows students to see everything for each class during the current week in one location.

Digital Spirit Week
This week we are encouraging students and faculty to participate in a "Virtual Spirit Week" through a variety of themed days. We started Monday with a "Beach Day," continued with "Tuesday as Pajama Day," and today is "Favorite Team Jersey Day." Students and faculty are sharing images of their participation on a variety of STVM social media sites in order to stay connected with one another during our practice of social distancing. We’d welcome parent participation as well! Thursday’s theme is “USA” and Friday is “All Out Green and Gold.”
Governor DeWine's Stay at Home Order
I’m including the following article, What DeWine's 'Stay at Home' order means for Ohio families , which was provided in an update I received from the Ohio Department of Education early this week. I receive updates from the ODE almost daily as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve and impact our lives and schedules.

Daily & Sunday Masses / Diocese of Cleveland
The Diocese of Cleveland also sent the following information regarding daily and Sunday masses: In addition to the usual weekend broadcast on Fox 8 and Cox Cable, the diocese is broadcasting online replay-able Daily Mass and Sunday Mass.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or difficulties your family may be facing. I continue to hold the community of St. Vincent-St. Mary in my thoughts and prayers, and I look forward to the day we return to the STVM Campus.

Stay safe and God Bless,
Kimberlee Gorr
We are a Catholic school in the Marianist Tradition and the  only  STEM designated Catholic high school in the State of Ohio.