March 21, 2020

Good morning,

Well, we made it through week one! Congratulations to you and your student(s) as we all learned to navigate a new normal. My plan is to continue to update you every few days with information on tweaks and adjustments that are being made to our online learning environment. Included in this email are some policies we’ve developed, which will begin to be implemented next week.

Student Illnesses
Should your student become too ill to participate in any of the online learning activities or lessons, please email Mrs. Shoup ( ) to inform us of your child’s “absence” from online learning. Mrs. Shoup will comprise a list of students and email teachers each day. 

House System
Plans and preparations for next year’s implementation of the STVM House System are continuing. Mr. McKrill sent students a video on Friday morning reminding them of the process to apply for House leadership. We are currently accepting applications for juniors interested in the roles of House Captain and House Chaplain for the 2020-2021 school year. These students will serve as leaders of their respective House and help coordinate and organize House events throughout the school year. Applications are due on March 28 by midnight with no exceptions. More information about the role and responsibility of each position can be found on the application form. Interviews for each position will be held through an online meeting platform. More information will be provided the week of March 30 to those students.

Service Hours
Please refer to the service hour extensions and adjustments that were posted on our COVID-19 Updates & Resources page. You or student may contact Mrs. Spinner with any questions regarding service hours. The service hour requirement remains in place for each student, but the types of service activities permitted has greatly expanded. Mrs. Spinner outlined all of the details in the email's that went out to students, parents and teachers.

Week at a Glance
Beginning on Monday, March 23, all teachers will share a “Week at a Glance” schedule in their Google Classrooms. This will outline office hours and live lessons for the week of March 23-27. Live lessons will continue to be recorded and posted to the Google Classrooms, but participation in the live lessons is strongly encouraged when personal schedules permit as this allows students to actively engage with their teachers and classmates in real time.

2020 Junior/Senior Prom
A backup date for the prom has been reserved for Saturday, July 11. In the event that the originally scheduled date of May 2 needs to be canceled, we have booked the same facility (Portage Country Club) for July 11.  

Cleaning of the STVM Campus
I’d like to acknowledge and thank the STVM maintenance staff who spent much of the week heavily cleaning and disinfecting the STVM campus. This same procedure will occur again immediately before school resumes. 

We continue to make daily adjustments to ensure your student(s) is receiving comprehensive and engaging instruction. As always, please feel free to reach out to the administrative team with any struggles or difficulties your family may be facing with the online learning platform.

Stay safe and God Bless,
Kimberlee Gorr
We are a Catholic school in the Marianist Tradition and the  only  STEM designated Catholic high school in the State of Ohio.