September 10th is
World Suicide Prevention Day
After Suicide: An Open Conversation
It's hard to know what to say to someone who is coping with a death by suicide.  During an intimate, open, and emotional presentation on Monday night, CATCH and Family Service Center hosted a presentation to help members of our community learn to respond, support one another, and begin to heal after an unimaginable loss.

Several speakers bravely shared their personal stories of losing family members to suicide, and a few attendees raised their hands to do the same. Thank you all for opening up to help everyone better understand suicide and stop the stigma that comes along with it.

Thank you also to the mental health professionals who led and contributed to our conversation:  Dr. Renee Do minguez of   Family Service Center Jasmine Chandy of  Willow House and Dr. Corrie Goldberg .   Your insight, expertise, and compassion provided comfort as well as much-needed guidance.

CATCH encourages everyone to continue this conversation. If you know someone who is struggling or dealing with a loss, it's ok to acknowledge their pain, ask what they need, and let them know you are available for them. 

Thank you Northbrook United Methodist Church
 for opening your doors for this event.
Our mission is to empower families to raise resilient, independent youth by focusing on mental health and emotional wellness.

Upcoming Program
Practicing Failure:
A Guide for Parents to Help Teens Fail with Purpose

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Thursday, October 3
Northbrook Public Library Auditorium
CATCH is dedicated to making a difference in our community.
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