March 27, 2020
Dear Oklahoma Legislator,
Thank you  to those of you who have reached out to ask if you could make certain the supply chain in Oklahoma remains uninterrupted. The truckers of Oklahoma and the members of the Oklahoma Trucking Association have not wavered and remain literally on the front lines of this national crisis. In short, the necessary medical supplies, groceries, fuel and life’s essentials would not be available without trucking.
What we’ve been doing.  Since the onset of the COVID-19, the Oklahoma Trucking Association in conjunction with the Oklahoma Governor’s office, Cabinet Secretaries, ODOT, DPS, and the FMCSA quickly recognized the essential nature of trucking. We have worked together to ensure that both the safety and reliability of trucking will continue. Without attention, certain closures could have had unintended consequences toward trucking and the supply chain. While supporting the national effort, all of us have been working daily with diligence to navigate the declaration of emergencies. This work has resulted in our ability to adhere to public safety while keeping the supply chain open. This continues to be done while demand is at an all-time high.
Where we stand today.  Currently the supply side (truck deliveries) is strong. Trucking has ramped up quickly to meet demand. The demand side (panic purchasing) has strained some areas of the country but be assured, the trucks are rolling to replace supplies. We are told America does not have shortages, but unnecessary over-purchasing has left some shelves temporarily empty. As long as we can protect our truckers on the front lines, keep them healthy and meet their needs, the supply chain will continue to function.  
Thank a trucker.  It is under this time of crisis that truckers are being appreciated. Previous to COVID-19, some consumers did not fully realize that trucks daily carry the materials that make our American way of life possible. With your help, these highway heroes will continue to serve on the front lines. Today, and every day. 
Thank a trucker. Yield to a trucker. Support the trucker’s family at home. #ilovetrucks  
Again, thank you for what you do on behalf of Oklahoma and we appreciate your support.
Jim Newport