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An Open Letter to the Robert Gallegos Campaign


Dear Robert and Campaign Staff,


As we worked the Early Vote and on Election Day, it was clear to us that there was confusion surrounding your relationship to Senator Mario Gallegos.  It is clear that your campaign has done little to dispel the fact that you are in no way related to Mario or our family.  One of us personally worked side by side with one of your volunteers on Election Day who thought you were related to Senator Gallegos.   It was only after your volunteer heard us telling a voter, who was also confused about the name, that you were in no way related to Senator Gallegos - did your volunteer understand you were not related.  Poor training on the part of your campaign or an intended strategy to confuse the voters - neither tactic is flattering to your campaign and a great disservice to Mario's 20 plus years of hard work in the community. 


The voters of District I deserve the truth.  You may have some overzealous campaign volunteers/paid workers who use the Gallegos name confusion to your advantage.  As the candidate, you need to set them straight.  Please do not dishonor Mario by allowing your campaign to mislead the voters he loved and represented for so many years. 


In full disclosure to you and to the voters of District I, the entire family of Senator Mario Gallegos is supporting the best qualified candidate in this race - Graci Garces for City Council District I.  Thank you.


Theresa Gallegos (widow of Senator Mario Gallegos)

Melissa Gallegos (daughter of Senator Mario Gallegos)

Mario Gallegos, III (son of Senator Mario Gallegos)

Lillian Gallegos Villarreal (sister of Senator Mario Gallegos)



You can donate online or mail a check to Graci Garces Campaign, P.O. Box 230103, Houston, TX 77023. 
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