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Dear UMS Nursing Students, 
During these past months I have been reminded over and over just how strong, resourceful and generous our University community is. Our students, faculty and staff have joined together and shown tremendous resilience to meet the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Early in the pandemic, the University of Maine System partnered with the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), which allowed UMS to work as an agent of the State of Maine, in coordination with MEMA, to fight the pandemic head-on. This partnership opened the door for UMS employees and students to join in a number of community efforts in the public fight against COVID-19.
Some of you might remember my reaching out in April to tell you about opportunities to get involved. Following that call, between May and August, seven UMS nursing students stepped up to support four long-term care facilities who reached out with urgent needs. Two of those nurses stayed at those locations upon graduation as full-time employees, while another with infectious disease expertise is currently researching vaccines.
We all recognize that there has never been a greater need for individuals with clinical experience to help support our healthcare facilities. With cases rising in Maine, MEMA is asking for our help again. Having graduated multiple nursing classes, welcomed an impressive first-year group of aspiring medical professionals, and built a whole new cohort of CNAs since April, it's time to extend a new invitation for everyone who thinks they can help.
Please take a moment to complete this Google Form, which is designed to collect information about how you may be able to contribute in a medical capacity beyond what you're already doing. Your voluntary and optional information will be used to provide a connection to those most in need of your abilities in coordination with MEMA's assessment of the most pressing public needs. The sooner we can learn of your particular interests, the more quickly we can work with MEMA to determine how you can best help.
Please complete the Google Form no later than Wednesday, December 9th -- though you are certainly free to fill it out later if you wish.
Thank you for your consideration. I am confident that the University of Maine System and its dedicated faculty, staff, and students will continue to do their part to serve the State in its time of greatest need.
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Dannel P. Malloy
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