Dear APAP Members,

Yesterday, during a SVOG stakeholder call with the Small Business Administration (SBA) on the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program, the SBA gave the following key updates:

  • This past weekend, the SBA sent email notifications notifying some applicants that their application had been started, but not submitted. Many of these emails may have been sent to applicants who had already successfully submitted applications. While the SBA continues to investigate the notification issue, the SBA recognizes that some emails were sent in error to those who began applications when the portal first opened on April 8 and who had to restart their applications when the portal reopened on April 26. We advise that applicants log into the portal to confirm their application status. As for further possible notifications, the SBA will only notify you if action is needed (for instance, if the applicant is on the "Do Not Pay" list, or if a Form 4506-T revision or other correction is needed) or if the SBA is sending an award update.

  • The SBA announced that it will begin notifying Priority 1 applicants this week about their SVOG awards and that it will continue to roll out award notifications next week. The SBA confirmed that applications are being processed 1) by priority status and 2) within that status, on a first-come, first-served basis. However, when an applicant is notified may vary based on the complexity of the application and whether further action is needed. Please note that the SBA is working with other agencies (in particular, the IRS) to cure some applications, in an effort to minimize requests to the applicant for corrections. Regardless of the time to process your application, the SBA assures that, in effect, you will not lose your place in line or the monies available to you, if you are eligible. The SBA is working on applications as quickly as possible and in the order of submission. (FYI, the SBA advised that the timestamp an applicant can see may not precisely capture the actual time submitted, which the SBA can see.)

  • The SBA has been made aware of issues with the SVOG technology help line. Initially, the SBA had two call centers, which may have contributed to reports of dropped calls and other service issues, and has since simplified its operations. For for all SVOG technology questions, call 1-800-659-2955.

  • Following the release of the post-application FAQs on May 11, the SBA announced that in order to address new issues that have come up in the last two weeks, it would be releasing revised post-application FAQs within the next 24 hours, which means any moment now. Please check the link above regularly.

  • Lastly, the SBA indicated that it anticipates that there will still be funding available following the awards made to Priority 1, Priority 2 and general applicants, although they have not yet specified how much funding remains. As many are dependent on supplemental funding for a full recovery, we are continuing to press the SBA for clear guidance on the supplemental grant application process.

APAP and our SVOG stakeholder partners continue to express concern to the SBA, as well as to Congress and the White House, around the execution of the SVOG program and the urgency with which relief to our field is being delivered.

We will continue to share with you the best information we have.

We are stronger together.

The APAP Team