An Unfolding Story...
Christ House reflects on welcoming 252 Year Long Volunteers
in the past 35 years.
(Left): The newest community of Year Long Volunteers. (Right): Former Year Long Volunteers currently on staff.
Woven into the fabric of the Christ House mission of healing and hope are individuals committed to a year of full-time volunteer service among men experiencing homelessness with acute medical needs. The annual welcoming of these individuals, affectionately referred to as Year Long Volunteers or YLVs, has been a part of Christ House’s core vision from its very inception.

Read more about Christ House's history of YLVs and listen to the song "Seventeen Seventeen Columbia Rd" written and composed by the 2019-2020 YLVs by clicking here .
“Time passes by, oh, and people pass through, never quite knowing the magic they do. Seventeen Seventeen Columbia Road, just watches and smiles as its story unfolds.”
Resilience During Disquieting Times
One of the many gifts patients share with Christ House is their living example of resiliency. This has been true since the founding of Christ House and has become even more apparent during such disquieting times. Christ House remains vigilant to lessening the spread of COVID-19 by following CDC guidelines, implementing best practices, constantly evaluating procedures, and diligently monitoring symptoms. We acknowledge with deep respect the lives of the many patients who, despite having lived difficult truths, continue to be hopeful for brighter days to come. Ever more aware of our interdependence and following the lead of the patients, Christ House continues to center hospitality, maintain a posture of flexibility, and persist towards resilience.
If you would like to contribute a financial donation to support Christ House during this challenging time, you may donate here .
Growing Hope
An abundance of new plants are taking root in the front garden beds of Christ House. Not only do these geographically native plants help local pollinators and slow run-off, they also provide a source of hope for patients and neighbors who witness their growth.

Local volunteer Sandra shared her time assisting with meal service in the Christ House kitchen for many years. Recently she has been generously gifting her time, skills, and wisdom as a Master Gardener to help Christ House’s garden beds thrive. Through her guidance, the front of Christ House now embodies the dignifying care that takes place inside the building. We are so grateful for Sandra and for the many volunteers who continue to offer their gifts in new ways to support the healing of Christ House patients. Thank you for nurturing hope. 
Care Continues
“Christ House has helped me tremendously with the healing process and keeping me accountable with my recovery. The staff is always kind and respectful, helping me work on a lot of things and seeing that I am still on my journey. I do and will always recommend Christ House to everyone as a source of hope and healing.” -Christ House Patient
Be Social With A Cause
Thanks to our neighbors at Ontario 17 and Chatham Courts, who collected over $1,500 in in-kind and monetary donations for Christ House! If you’d like to donate or organize a collection with your friends and neighbors, your efforts will support and encourage everyone at Christ House. Your generosity is appreciated and needed!

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