We are less than three weeks away from Nowruz, the celebration of the Persian New Year and the coming of spring. Nowruz is a time for new beginnings, and we can start by giving children living in dire conditions renewed hope. You can help an individual child through sponsorship to allow them to continue their education without fear of having to drop out of school. Poverty casts a shadow over the hopes and dreams of these children who are often forced to abruptly end their schooling due to their family’s economic situation.

This Nowruz you can prevent this, even if for just one child, and help alter the course of their fate. Your donation will ensure that these children can focus on their studies and work their way out of the cycle of poverty through a solid academic foundation.

Give a child an unforgettable eidi (gift) this Nowruz – the chance at a better future.


Kamyar Lashgari
CEO & President

New Shoes, New School
Last month, Child Foundation worked with a generous donor to purchase and deliver 800 pairs of shoes to children in a village south of Roodbar, Iran. The initiative came about after a video was made showing these children going to school without proper shoes. Donations were quickly collected to ensure these kids would have new shoes before the onset of winter.

Child Foundation would like to take it to the next level and ask for your help to give these same kids a safe and proper classroom. The schools in this region are often small one-room constructs made of straw and mud. We would like to replace these with a more secure, and weather resistant Conex unit, fully equipped with new furniture and school materials. You can make donations toward this effort by visiting our website or calling our office for more information on how you can help. 
In response to the devastating humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Child Foundation is calling our community to action to help children in need. Child Foundation is collaborating with  Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières  (MSF) toward relief efforts in Yemen.  
Child Foundation funding will support MSF's programs to help improve the current humanitarian crisis that is taking place in Yemen. Among these efforts will be cholera prevention campaign, cholera and diphtheria vaccination, intrapartum care, and inpatient pediatric care. This will include medicines, medical supplies, and equipment toward these efforts. 
Join Child Foundation and  donate  to ensure Yemen is not forgotten. Your contributions will be used to help the future of Yemen – its children. 

Child Foundation Nowruz Bazaars
Join Child Foundation at our annual Nowruz Bazaar on March 17 in Irvine and March 18 in Los Angeles ! Events will include: 
  • Live music and entertainment
  • Children activities, including Haftsin workshop, face painting, storytelling, and letters to Iran
  • Silent auction featuring the talented works of Haleh Manavi (Halehloo), Kamran Khavarani, Ali Sabet, Badri Borghei, and Pegah Samaei
  • Visit our Tunnel of Dreams and read letters written by our students and help their dreams come true
  • Make your Haftsin complete with items on sale, including sabzeh, cookies, and crafts
Please  contact  us if you would like to participate as a vendor, sponsor, or volunteer.   

Anita is a very kind and talented student. She is in the fifth grade of elementary school, earning excellent grades makes his parents happy. Unfortunately, the Anita family is one of the thousands of injured earthquake victims in the city of Bam and has not so far managed to rebuild their old home that has been destroyed by the earthquake. It is noteworthy to mention that because of the father's disability (due to earthquake) and the mother's disease, the family has a very limited source of income and this has increased the pressure on Anita's life.

Based on the study of the talents, interests and motivations of Anita, and considering her family's financial and livelihood conditions, the child's foundation agrees to grant the scholarship worth USD 68 to her and invites all sponsors to support this talented student and say "NO" to work and compulsory school drop outs of children.

Those who are interested can become one of her sponsors by spending minimum of $30 a month by clicking here .

In order to preserve the privacy of the children, Child Foundation will only provide details of each individual to their designated sponsor.
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