To all Prospect supporters:
Greetings to all Prospect enthusiasts and pass-holders from the PMA board. We hope you are all healthy and safe during these very strange times.
We are rolling in high gear this off season on the mountain with several significant projects in the works.
At long last, the T-Bar lift houses and surrounding trees and unused electrical wires are coming down which will significantly open up our “stadium” area at the base of the mountain. Trevor Mance has graciously donated his time and machinery to finish this job. Steve: armed with our tractor, welder, and his uncanny Woodford ingenuity has begun the process. Some drainage work will follow in that area and all along the base of the mountain.
We have 42 wooden T-Bars (see photo of Steve) that we are selling for $25 each to help support our work. If you are interested, go to the donation tab on the website. We will find a way to get it to you. Perfect for your rec or waxing room!
Terry and Pam Coffield, along with Jim Goodine, made some beautiful signs for the skier lounge which has been re-named Nancy’s Nook in honor of Nancy Steffen. The waxing area is now Bucky’s Wax Works in honor of Bucky Broomhall.
Jack Miller donated the time of two of his employees to put a new roof on the skier lounge and finish the inside. Beautifully done. I will be in charge of painting it and would love to have some help- sometime after July 4. Probably 2-3 sessions. Three volunteers would be great each time. If you are interested give me a call: 802-688-7807.
Dave Dethier and Coach Jason Lemieux are working hard on designing and getting FIS certification on a future racing loop on our land on the mountain. This is a long term project that will enable us to have racing events and still keep Woodpecker and the trails on the Forest Service side open for recreational skiers.
Finally, some trail improvements will be happening on Workout, Loose Moose, Holy Smoke and at the top of the mountain. Ed Shea has also generously allowed us to do some additional work on his land as well.
Thanks to all of you, our first two seasons have gone very well which has enabled us to do all of the work mentioned above, as well as replace the septic system which we completed last year. However- tax deductible donations are always welcome. We expect to be fully open for skiing this winter with perhaps some restrictions on the number of folks we can accommodate in the lodge.
Have a great summer.
Dave Newell and the PMA Board.