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As 2018 comes to an end, we wanted to share our year-end video report with you, give you a little update (seen below the buttons), and give you the good news that if you give to support the Latin American Strategic Initiatives between now and December 31, a generous donor will match your gift! Details about the strategic initiatives are available using the link on the right. All gifts donated, using the link on the left, are tax deductible and will be doubled if given before December 31, 2018!
And now for our 2018 Year End Ministry report...
We had a wonderful, albeit noisy, Christmas celebration with Ricardo's family. While we know the holidays can be painful for some, we hope that you were able to celebrate Emmanuel, God with us, in good times and bad...and the impact that has on our daily lives.
We are happy to report that Juliana is doing very well! The incision in her back seems to have healed completely and she hasn't had a headache for over a week. She was even able to enjoy her 15th birthday party! She will have follow-up appointments and x-rays with the surgeon and neurologist in early January but we expect the reports to be good. We cannot thank you enough for your prayers for her healing.

January will be full and busy! Ricardo will be traveling to Ecuador on January 8 and on January 24 he will go to Puerto Rico for their annual conferences. This is the beginning the Area Director transitional process. Beth's Dad will arrive for a short visit on January 11 and Juliana and Jonathan will start a new year of school on January 22.

In the meantime, Beth will be wrapping up all of the accounting for the Pastoral Formation project. While that isn't her favorite task, we are thankful for God's provision of the financial and human resources that enabled us to complete the task of writing 22 manuals for Church Planting and Pastoral Formation in less than one year! We look forward to seeing the fruit of that project for generations to come!

We deeply appreciate your partnership in ministry with us! We thank God for you regularly!
May the Lord richly bless each of you in 2019!
Love from Ricardo, Beth, Juliana & Jonathan