December 17, 2018
Dear Friend of DKT,
Happy holidays and happy new year!

Our hope for the new year is that all women and men can access affordable, high-quality contraception when and where they want it.

Take a look at our last newsletter of the year for more on one of DKT Pakistan's most popular and recently banned commercials, the first signs of DKT expansion in Somalia, DKT Myanmar's latest program for young adults, an event for World AIDS Day in Uganda, and our new interactive data tool.

Have a healthy and happy holiday season!

Christopher Purdy
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Deck the Halls with DKT's Dotted Condoms

One Step Closer to Sales in Somalia

2nd Counseling Center Coming to Myanmar

DKT Kenya Collaborates for World AIDS Day

Interactive Data Tool Now Live on DKT's Website

DKT on Social Media
Deck the Halls with DKT's Dotted Condoms
DKT Pakistan launched another edgy television campaign for the dotted variant of Josh Condoms with Bollywood superstar, Mathira Khan, marking the end of a year's worth of success on mass media platforms.

In the last 5 months, DKT Pakistan has reached 33.4 million on digital media, with 5.7 million views and more than 336,000 shares and comments. Josh condom advertisements aired on nearly 50% more television channels in 2018 than they did in 2017. Although this ad was eventually banned from television, it remains popular online. Pushing boundaries allows DKT to redefine conversations on sex. Parlho, a Pakistani youth-targeted online magazine, has even written about the DKT's edgy ads, building our brand among Pakistani teens.
above : DKT Pakistan's latest commercial for Josh Condoms features Mathira Khan and plays on the word danedar , Hindi for grainy/dotted and the name of a popular tea.
The new year is bound to bring more media growth, more Mathira, and more couples protected.
One Step Closer to Sales in Somalia
above : Three of the 34 Somali healthcare providers at DKT's family planning training.
DKT is one step closer towards providing family planning products in Somalia. DKT Egypt coordinated with the African Training Center to host a family planning training for 34 Somali healthcare providers in Punt Land, Somalia. DKT customized training manuals on counseling techniques and reproductive health information to meet the needs of Somali practitioners.

Given the high unmet need and current political climate in Somalia, this training is an important milestone towards broadening access to DKT's family planning products throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
2nd Counseling Center Coming to Myanmar
DKT Myanmar is scheduled to launch their second university reproductive health counseling center, Thit Yeik , at Yangon University later this month.

The first counseling corner, located at Dagon University in eastern Yangon, opened its doors to all 60,000 students in July. Since opening, Thit Yeik has continued to offer judgement-free guidance on various family planning options.

Thit Yeik, meaning under the shade of the tree in Burmese, hosted a successful event for World AIDS Day, staffed by doctors and 15 student leaders.
above : Students gather at the Thit Yeik counseling corner for a stigma-free discussion on World AIDS Day.
DKT Kenya Collaborates for World AIDS Day
DKT Kenya & Uganda partnered with Reach A Hand Uganda to sponsor the " I Know" campaign, a week-long series of events and promotions to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS designed to target adolescents and adults under 35, those who often lack adequate information.

DKT and Reach A Hand hosted moonlight movie nights & HIV testing, went door-to-door distributing DKT's Kiss condoms, and even coordinated a flash mob.
Interactive Data Tool Now Live on DKT's Website
Interested in the power of social marketing? Curious about contraceptive sales over time? Check out our new interactive data tool where you can analyze social marketing across a range of variables: from region, to couple years protected, to the number of condoms sold by DKT and non-DKT social marketing programs.

This tool is vital for knowledge-sharing across programs, and we encourage you to take a look!
above : A screenshot from our Interactive Data Tool. Check it out online!
DKT on Social Media

DKT Philippines announced its 2019 Premiere Condom Vixens at a nightclub event last week.

This promo video got everyone excited to meet the Philippines' best-looking safe-sex supporters.

This image, posted to DKT Nigeria's Honey&Banana Facebook page, had the highest performance of all Honey&Banana posts this November, reaching more than 14,000 people.

DKT Brazil introduced the world to Prudence Super Sensitive, 48 times thinner than Prudence classic.
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