September 2018
Dear Friend of DKT,
DKT had a busy summer and we are pleased to share our first newsletter of the Fall season.

We hope this newsletter will make you both smile and think. 

To smile, check out the DKT Myanmar video where young men and women are asked to wear a "lie detector" hat while being asked about sexual health. Alternatively, the news that DKT has just launched Emergency Contraception in Turkey should make you grin.

Can our new call center in Pakistan be part of the solution to educate women on their family planning needs? We had 11,000 phone calls our first month. And should NGOs consider adopting business methodologies to boost results? We share thoughts about this in the Philanthropy Journal.

Thank you for being a friend to DKT.

Christopher Purdy
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Teen Web Series on Sex & Love Launched in DR Congo

DKT Pakistan Opens Call Center

"Have You Ever Used a Condom?" DKT Myanmar Normalizes Sex-Talk

Philanthropy Journal News: How Entrepreneurship Can Support Non-profits

DKT Turkey Sells First Emergency Contraceptives

With Global Market Partnership for Levoplant, WomanCare is Featured at Worldwide Events

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Teen Web Series on Sex & Love Launched
in DR Congo
above: a snapshot from Matolo Ya Dorcas reading, "So this weekend? How did you do it? What flavor did you choose?"
DKT DR Congo went live with a new youth-targeted web series called Masolo Ya Dorcas (Dorcas' Conversation). The show features an on-going text conversation between a young woman, Dorcas, and her boyfriend. The two discuss their relationship, feelings, love, and sexuality, setting an example for open-and judgement-free conversations on sex.
DKT Pakistan Opens Call Center
In June, DKT Pakistan launched a Contact Center, offering over-the-phone information and counseling on family planning products and services, and referrals to nearby Dhanak Health Care Clinics. Within the first month, the Contact Center vetted more than 11,000 calls, informing callers about long-acting, reversible contraceptives and debunking common myths about contraception.

These calls have offered DKT valuable insight on its role in Pakistan's contraceptive market: the general public's hesitation with contraception, the need for couples counselling, and providers' role in promoting long-term contraceptives.
DKT Turkey Sells First Emergency Contracpetives
In August, DKT Turkey sold its first Emergency contraceptive, the Postpill One, after a lengthy registration and approval process. DKT secured sales in major pharmacies in Turkey and Cyprus, including Alliance and   Se uk, and sold nearly 5,000 units in its first month of sales.

With a sizable market for emergency contraceptives (EC) in Turkey, DKT projects increased sales in the coming months and plans to grow its sales teams and secure more pharmacy outlets.
left: a poster for DKT Turkey's " Güvenli " or "Safe" campaign.
"Have You Ever Used a Condom?"
DKT Myanmar Normalizes Sex-Talk
To promote Kiss Condoms, DKT Myanmar teamed up with a well-known influencer and took to the streets to ask young people about sex: their habits, desires, and experiences on camera.

And just to make the conversation even better, each interviewee was asked to wear a "lie-detecting" helmet that sounds an alarm in response to a hidden remote control. Young people were caught off guard by the explicit and direct questions: "Have you masturbated this week?" The reactions are priceless.

Watch the full video here.
above: one young man can't fight his laughter after being asked about porn, masturbation, and condoms.
Why have sex-positive, judgement-free conversations with strangers? Doing so promotes the belief that sex is nothing to lie about. Sex is normal, and with DKT Kiss, there is nothing to worry about.
How Nonprofits Can Incorporate Entrepreneurship Into Their Work
DKT President, Chris Purdy, published an article on social entrepreneurship in the Philanthropy Journal on July 16th. In his article, Chris describes how entrepreneurship is conducive to innovative, results-driven nonprofit work:

" If nonprofits can leverage the entrepreneurial spirit and use more business methodologies, they can drive innovation through risk-taking, improved services in the social realm, and increased cost-effectiveness."
With Global Market Partnership for Levoplant, WomanCare is Featured at Worldwide Events

DKT WomanCare recently announced an agreement with Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to serve as the global marketing partner for Levoplant, a WHO-Prequalified contraceptive implant. The new DKT-Dahua partnership will expand availability, accessibility, and affordability of Levoplant for women who need it most. DKT and Dahua are equally excited to announce that the price of Levoplant in FP2020 countries (the 69 countries with the greatest need for family planning) will be reduced to $6.90 per unit.

This exciting development builds on a partnership announced between DKT and Ipas in 2017, where the Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspiration technology was licensed to DKT for global distribution.
above: DKT WomanCare attended the 13th International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraception Associates Conference in mid September.
DKT WomanCare will attend the following events this year:

If DKT can be of help, please reach out to:

WomanCare is recruiting sales consultants for West Africa, South-East Asia, and Eastern Europe. Interested? Send your CV to
DKT Mexico's Mobile Unit Delivers Results in Just Five Days

DKT Mexico began a new social programming campaign called Ruta 69, a mobile unit that visits each town in its decided region and parks in the street for one week. Prior to launch, newspapers and radio stations spread the word about Ruta, and DKT staff were met by a huge line at 7:30 am the very first day.

The unit is designed to deliver short- and long-term contraceptives and vasectomies. The mobile unit contains two rooms, one for IUD insertion and one for vasectomies. Three outside tents are set up for injectables and oral contraceptive prescriptions, implant placement, and a waiting area.

In its first five-day pilot, Ruta 69 assisted 3,276 individuals. Of this total, 107 got a vasectomy, IUD, or implant and 487 received injectables or a birth control pill prescription. An additional 2,546 were counselled.
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