November 2, 2018
Dear Friend of DKT,
DKT has a busy month ahead, filled with live-streamed vasectomies, coffee, and condoms

Read more to find out how to connect with us at the International Conference on Family Planning in Kigali. We look forward to presenting our work, learning from our supporters and partners, and building momentum for a worldwide shift towards increased access to contraception.

Remember to join us for the global celebration of World Vasectomy Day — whether for live-streamed events or in person —between November 14 and 16th.

Christopher Purdy
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Family Planning: A Global Imperative

Where to Find DKT at ICFP
  • DKT Coffee & Condom Corner
  • DKT Booth
  • Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspiration Training
  • Levoplant Implant Training
  • DKT Presentations

World Vasectomy Day

Building Access to Emergency Contraceptives

DKT Presents Product Portfolio in Rio

Social Media Highlights
Family Planning: A Global Imperative
With just days until reproductive health experts come together at the International Conference on Family Planning, DKT President, Chris Purdy, emphasized the importance of family planning, calling it a "global imperative," in his article on the ICFP Blog.

Purdy describes contraception as the "most achievable solution" to make the world a better place.
DKT Is Excited to Participate in ICFP.
Here's Where to Find Us.
DKT Coffee & Condom Corner

Nov. 12-15

Looking for a meeting spot or a cup of coffee at ICFP? Come find the DKT Coffee & Condom Corner in the main ICFP exhibition hall for a cup of java on us.

(And maybe even grab a DKT condom sample while you're there.)
DKT Booth

Nov. 12-15, Booth 46

Stop by the DKT Booth (#46) to learn more about our products, mission, and global presence. We'll have anatomic models to demonstrate some of the latest additions to our product portfolio, the Levoplant implant and Ipas manual vacuum aspiration kit for abortion and miscarriage management.
Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspirator Training

Nov. 13, 6:00-9:00 p.m., KCC Auditorium Club

DKT WomanCare and Ipas will host a live demonstration on how to use the Ipas manual vacuum aspiration kit (MVA). A doctor will lead the 3-hour session, paying special focus to the advantages of the Ipas MVA for abortion and miscarriage management. The seminar will be followed by a complimentary cocktail hour.
Levoplant Training

Nov. 13, 7:00-8:25 a.m., KCC AD1

DKT WomanCare will introduce the Levoplant implant to providers, non-profits, and ministry of health employees at ICFP. Levoplant is an affordable, WHO-Pre-qualified 2-rod implant that has great potential for cost-effective, large-scale public health impacts. DKT will present insertion and removal techniques, and discuss the public health perspective of Levoplant.
DKT Presentations

Nov. 12-15

Staff from DKT Mexico, DKT Tanzania, DKT Nigeria, and DKT DR Congo will present on topics related to their programs, ranging from micro-insurance programs in Tanzania to vasectomies in Mexico. DKT President, Chris Purdy, will chair a session on entertainment, games, and family planning. Check the full ICFP program here.
DKT Kicks Off World Vasectomy Day
World Vasectomy Day Press Conference

Nov. 14, 11:45-12:45, MH1

Watch a live-streamed vasectomy procedure at the World Vasectomy Day Press Conference on the WVD Facebook page.

Join DKT and WVD colleagues as we discuss the importance of men's responsibility for their own and their partner's reproductive destiny.
DKT Turkey Builds Access to Emergency Contraceptives
DKT Turkey knows the need for contraception does not exist only within the constraints of pharmacy hours.

In Turkey, pharmacies have limited hours on weekends and close by 7 p.m. on weekdays. To ensure contraceptives are available outside of these hours, DKT Turkey has begun selling emergency contraceptives to regional On-Duty Pharmacists, who serve their locality after formal pharmacy hours.

In fact, emergency contraceptive sales usually peak during these on-duty shifts.
above: A pharmacist in Turkey sells a young woman a DKT emergency contraceptive.
DKT Presents its Product Portfolio in Rio
DKT WomanCare promoted a wide range of products at the International Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) Annual Congress in Rio. There, DKT WomanCare, DKT Mexico, and DKT Brazil teamed up to introduce the Levoplant implant and Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspirator to providers, faculty from various family planning organizations, and officials from various ministries of health worldwide.

DKT staff joined forced with faculty from the National Abortion Federation and Ipas to host a pre-congress workshop on the Ipas MVA. DKT was humbled by positive feedback from many doctors, some of which requested product samples.
below: DKT staff discusses Levoplant with healthcare providers and family planning champions at the DKT booth.
DKT on Social Media

DKT Nigeria took to Facebook to promote Fiesta Condoms for any hour of the day.

Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, DKT Brazil encouraged women to self-examine their breasts for signs of cancer.
DKT Myanmar is working on an animated series to de-stigmatize masturbation. This video reminds young men that porn is not an accurate representation of sex, consensual relationships, and mutual pleasure.
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