October 5, 2018
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What do Marilyn Monroe and vasectomy have in common? Read on.

I invite you to take a minute to scroll through our October newsletter. In addition to the Marilyn Monroe vasectomy video, we share details on the 2017 Global Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics Report, DKT's 2017 Cost per CYP, and WomanCare training efforts.

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Vasectomy is DKT's Best Friend

2017 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics Released

Cost per CYP Drops in 2017

2017 Audited Financials

WomanCare Update

Social Media Highlights
Vasectomy is DKT's Best Friend
DKT is proud to be a principal partner of World Vasectomy Day, a global movement celebrating men who participate in family planning as engaged and conscientious partners, and as responsible men.

Today, with 1,200 participating providers in 50+ countries inspiring upwards of 20,000 vasectomies, World Vasectomy Day is the largest male-focused family planning event in the world. 

World Vasectomy Day does not measure its success by the number of vasectomies performed, but by the quality of conversations it inspires about broader male responsibility and lauding those who step up.

Check out what Marilyn Monroe has to say about it below.
above : watch this video announcement of the 2018 World Vasectomy Day.
Male- versus Female-Focused Family Planning? 
below: check out this promotional video for World Vasectomy Day! The sixth annual day will be November 14, 2018, headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda. Vasectomy is Marilyn's best friend. We're pretty sure it's ours, too.
2017 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics Released
above : DKT's Indonesia program delivered 9.2 million CYPs in 2017, more than any other program. Above, DKT offered free family planning consultations at the Jakarta Fair.
DKT released the 2017 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics report, an analysis of 100 social marketing programs worldwide, all of which delivered at least 10,000 couples a year's worth of protection (CYPs).

In total, these contraceptive social marketing programs delivered 79.8 million CYPs in 2017, nearly 7% more than 2016 and 18% more than 2015.

Historical Contraceptive Social Marketing data is available on our website. DKT also has published detailed sales results by country here.
DKT's Cost per CYP Drops in 2017
Cost per CYP is a commonly accepted metric to express the relative cost effectiveness of a given family planning program. To calculate this, DKT takes all financial inputs from donors into a given program and divides by the number of CYPs generated. We do not include sales revenue from customers, as those are not "costs" to the program.

DKT is proud to share that our global cost per CYP in 2017 dropped to just $1.73, one of the lowest costs among family planning NGOs.

DKT prides itself on results, but cost-efficiency is the key to our success. To keep contraceptive prices low across each of our programs, we use a cross-subsidization model. .
above: As DKT's CYPs have increased, the cost per CYP has declined .

This keeps our impact sustainable, our mission possible, and each donation invaluable.

In Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, DKT's cost per CYP was less than 50¢.
DKT 2017 Financials
In the spirit of transparency, DKT posted our audited 2017 FInancial Statements on our website. We are pleased to report that DKT received an unqualified opinion from our external auditor.
DKT WomanCare Update
WomanCare led two successful trainings at the International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraception Associates 2018 conference in September. Dr. Matt Reeves ( right ) presented the WHO-prequalified Levoplant, and Dr. Alison Edelman directed a symposium on the indicators for use and application of the Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspirator.

Doctors are especially enthusiastic about the Ipas aspirator because of its low cost compared to the early vacuum aspiration method. In addition, the Ipas MVA procedure can be done in an outpatient setting.

Between October 14-19, DKT WomanCare will be in Rio at the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Annual Conference (FIGO). And we'll be busy — DKT is scheduled to host a practical workshop at on abortion technology, and introduce attendees to Levoplant, which is currently awaiting registration approval in Brazil. Join DKT in Rio by registering here.

DKT WomanCare will also host a training at the International Family Planning Conference between November 11-15. Want to join us? Register here.

Seeking more information on Ipas aspirators, Levoplant, or DKT WomanCare? Send a message to womancare@dktinternational.org.
DKT on Social Media

Posted by DKT DR Congo with the following caption: "The pill is not supposed to have any effect on pleasure. It must allow you to live in peace and with fulfillment your sex life. Plus, the better a woman feels in her skin, the better she will feel in her sex life."

DKT Brazil took to Instagram to preview an upcoming discussion on the next episode of Prudence Delicious, "Some people have already had sex with a lot of people ... And some people have been with few people. The question is, do you think that amount matters?"

Posted on the DKT Mozambique's Intimo Clinic Facebook page: " There are no mistakes, no amount of forgetfulness to stop you. With the IUD you will be 99% always protected from surprises and ready to enjoy."
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