June 7, 2018
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In the last few months, DKT has initiated sales of contraception and safe abortion technology in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. We are particularly proud of making IUDs available in Syria, given that country’s current political challenges.

This newsletter features details on DKT’s impact, including our recent Annual Report as well as data reflecting DKT’s contribution to contraceptive prevalence rates in select countries. We estimate in Ethiopia, for example, that more than 40% of women who use family planning are served by DKT. 

We highlight recent development from our WomanCare platform, as well as our programs in the Philippines and Ghana.

As always, we welcome your comments and questions.
Christopher Purdy
In this issue:

DKT shares 2017 contraceptive prevalence data in select countries

DKT expands into the Middle East

WomanCare platform brings safe abortion technology to new markets

Unmet need falls in the Philippines

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DKT's contribution to contraceptive prevalence in select countries rises
In 2017, family planning products and services delivered by DKT Ethiopia contributed to approximately 44% of the country’s total modern contraceptive prevalence rate (mCPR). In other words, of all the women who availed of a contraceptive method in 2017, nearly half of them were served by DKT.

DKT compiled statistics on each country programs’ impact and shared the results of select programs. DKT’s pictorial report features Ethiopia, DR Congo, the Philippines, Egypt, Indonesia, and more of DKT’s largest contributors to national levels of contraceptive prevalence.

For more on 2017 results, visit DKT’s website and check out the 2018 Annual Report.
above: one of our customers in Tigray, Ethiopia, sells DKT's Sensation condoms. In 2017, DKT Ethiopia sold more than 45 million condoms.
DKT Egypt sets sights on Middle East expansion
DKT Egypt provided 29,000 IUDs in Saudi Arabia and Syria, commencing geographic expansion plans in the Middle East and north Africa. DKT is developing a strategic plan for the region to expand contraceptive delivery.

Early estimates suggest that there are approximately 3 million women of reproductive age (WRA) in the midst of Syria’s crisis, and an additional one million female refugees of reproductive age in neighboring countries. Often, in times of conflict, the right or ability to access family planning is one of the first things women lose. DKT seeks to provide accessible, affordable family planning products to Syrian women in conflict zones as a fundamental human right.
DKT Ghana launches Lydia mass media campaign
above: a promotion for DKT Ghana's "Lydia Cares" campaign, featuring the local call-in number for the Lydia Contact Center.
DKT Ghana’s new Lydia contraception campaign reminds women that “Lydia cares.” Launched in April, the Lydia campaign features refreshed social media content, including a Q&A mini-series on Facebook, which allows users to send in questions for discussion on a range of topics, including short-term versus long-term methods, emergency contraception, and more.

The “Lydia cares” campaign also engages users on Twitter with Q&A sessions, promotions, and praise for Lydia models (young women who “live free” and promote healthy attitudes toward sex). Through social media engagement, DKT encourages women to adopt a contraceptive method by visiting their local pharmacy, calling the Lydia Contact Center, or simply discussing family planning with friends and family.   
DKT expands safe abortion reach to new markets through WomanCare platform
Since May 2017, when DKT announced a partnership with Ipas to expand access to manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) technology in more than 100 countries, DKT WomanCare has sold 105,272 aspirators and 1,022,198 cannulae.

Through sales to UNFPA, governments, and business partners, DKT WomanCare is increasing the safety of surgical abortion procedures. In 2017, 32% of MVA technology was sold in Africa, followed by Asia (26%), Europe and the Middle East (20%), Latin America and the Caribbean (16%), and North America (6%).

DKT leverages existing infrastructure to increase distribution capacity. Sales results have been particularly strong in Latin America and the Caribbean, thanks to DKT’s regional approach to contraceptive social marketing in Brazil and Mexico.

right: a print promotion for Ipas MVA technology from Mexico, distributed by DKT via the WomanCare platform.
Unmet need drops in the Philippines
According to the Commission on Population in the Philippines, unmet need for contraceptive methods in 2017 dropped by 4.5 percentage points since the 2013 survey. While this is a welcome development, unmet need remains high at 31%.

In addition, approximately 40.4% of Filipino women of reproductive age used a modern method of contraception in 2017, compared to 37.6% in 2013. Traditional methods account for an additional 13.9% of contraceptive use in the Philippines.

DKT sells a wide range of contraceptives in the Philippines, including IUDs, injectable and oral contraception, and condoms. In 2017, DKT Philippines provided more than three million CYPs, or approximately 29% of contraceptive prevalence. For more on DKT’s work in the Philippines, click here.  
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