March 2018
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I am pleased to report that DKT had a record-breaking 2017, delivering more than 36 million CYPs, an increase of 3 million CYPs over 2016. We will be sharing details of the health impact generated from these sales and service delivery numbers soon. In the meantime, you can review DKT’s 2017 sales results here

Last month, DKT announced an exciting new agreement with Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceuticals whereby DKT will serve as the global marketing and distribution partner to increase access to Levoplant, the WHO-prequalified 2-rod contraceptive implant. 

There are many other developments at DKT and we hope you enjoy reading about them below.

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DKT International announces new partnership with Dahua to increase access to implants

DKT Mozambique provides family planning resources at the beach

DKT Philippines begins program with training hospital

Graduate Trainees train rural providers on the provision of Sayana Press

DKT and Shanghai Dahua partner to increase access to contraceptive implants
DKT International recently announced a new strategic partnership with Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceutical to increase women’s access to, and use of, contraceptive implants. DKT now serves as the global marketing partner for Levoplant, a WHO-prequalified implant. DKT will assume responsibility for introducing Levoplant into new markets, fulfilling purchase orders, developing educational and promotional materials, and servicing customer needs. Dahua will continue manufacturing Levoplant and adhering to global quality standards.

Through this partnership, DKT will scale up demand for Levoplant and offer women an affordable implant alternative. DKT will offer Levoplant at $6.90 per unit for FP2020 countries , the 69 countries with the greatest unmet need for family planning.

DKT is excited to make long-acting contraception more widely available, accessible, and affordable, and looks forward to making Levoplant a reality for many women.

Read the full press release  here .
DKT brings family planning to the beach
DKT Mozambique hosted a beach party to celebrate the launch of a national campaign for Prudence condoms. DKT distributed informational material about family planning methods and product samples during promotional events.

Women also had the opportunity to visit a beach-side mobile unit for counseling and products. DKT Mozambique’s unlikely pairing of family planning and the beach resonated with visitors and drew crowds. After visiting the mobile unit, 100 women availed of a contraceptive method – three women even left the beach with an IUD.
Left: Women line up to learn about family planning at the beach in Maputo. Below: A salesman sets up a Prudence condom display.
DKT Philippines partners with training hospitals
DKT Philippines launched a new program to strengthen the partnership between DKT and the nation’s training hospitals. Through this program, DKT Philippines supplies training hospitals with DKT family planning products to improve the quality of trainings and educate more providers on method mix.

The partnership utilizes DKT’s widely-recognized TRUST brand. DKT Philippines also provides TRUST products through its community-based resource centers. In January, over 19,000 women visited the TRUST Family Care Centers, 78% of whom adopted a contraceptive method.  
DKT Nigeria brings modern contraceptive method to rural villages
In Nigeria’s rural Illara community, most men and women have never heard of or used a modern family planning method. In fact, even most providers in this community don’t have knowledge of modern contraceptive methods.

Two of DKT Nigeria’s Graduate Trainees sought to change this. Simisola Osinowo and Tomilola Ajai traveled for five hours from urban Lagos to remote communities. Simisola and Tomilola organized a training session to educate the village’s providers about modern contraceptive methods. Simisola and Tomilola explained the wide variety of family planning products available in Nigeria, placing special emphasis on Sayana Press, a subcutaneous injectable that prevents pregnancy for three months.
During this day-long training, providers learned how to administer Sayana Press.

Health care providers also received information about DKT’s Sayana Press SMS reminder alert service, which encourages women to stay up-to-date on their injections. In just one day, Simisola and Tomilola changed the family planning landscape in a remote village. Their training will empower women to seek family planning care and take control of their fertility.  
Left: Simisola and Tomilola pose in front of a clinic in the Ilara Community.
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