November 2017
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DKT prides itself on rigorous tracking of results and financial metrics to demonstrate impact and cost-effectiveness. We are committed to transparently communicating these results, as highlighted below.

This newsletter also provides highlights from our work in West Africa, DR Congo, Brazil, Ghana, and Indonesia. 

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DKT committed to transparency 

Flight attendants and condoms

Regional call center launched in Francophone Africa

Promoting family planning at a popular music festival in DR Congo

Brazilian condom tester campaign launches with online platform

Ghanaians celebrate World Contraception Day with street parade through Accra
DKT is committed to transparency
DKT pledges to use resources responsibly, to ensure cost-effective programming, and to share our results. Measures to ensure accountability not only benefit DKT, but help donors make more informed philanthropic decisions with the proper tools to determine where to invest funds and how to evaluate potential impact.  

DKT is committed to tracking, documenting, and sharing results and financial information from our programs. DKT ensures that financial records and federal tax filings are made public, viewable  here , in addition to an  annual report , which outlines revenue, support, and total expenses. In addition, DKT publishes  sales reports  from each DKT country program at the end of each year, as well as information on the number of couple years of protection (CYPs) provided by   contraceptive social marketing programs around the world. All this information is accessible on the DKT website's " Results" page .  

Read our statement on transparency   here .
Flight attendants promote condoms
New ad from Fiesta
DKT Indonesia's popular condom brand, Fiesta, premiered an advertisement featuring airline stewardesses who promote its top-selling variants, including bubble gum and dotted condoms. With the wide variety of flavors and textures, DKT reminds young people that safety can be fun. Watch it  here .
Francophone West Africa launches regional call center
DKT Francophone West and Central Africa (FWACA) and   Lydia Conseil   officially launched the Lydia Call Center in September, the first of its kind in the region. After opening, the center fielded approximately 1,000 calls that month. 

Upon reaching Allo Lydia, callers can ask questions and receive referrals for providers or pharmacies where they can access various family planning products and services. 

DKT FWACA alleviated users' technology and financial concerns by ensuring callers from outside Senegal (where the center is based) do not incur international call fees. The center accepts calls and messages from WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber platforms. Both of these solutions make this service the first sustainable call centre of its kind. 
A promotion for Allo Lydia, DKT FWACA and Lydia Conseil's regional call center. Callers can ask questions about sexual and reproductive health, and receive referrals for providers and pharmacies.
Brazil celebrates "Sex Day" with launch of Prudence Condom Testers campaign
DKT Brazil's 8th annual Testadores de Camisinhas Prudence ( Prudence Condom Testers ) campaign provided a digital platform that encouraged consumers to practice safe sex, share stories, and learn more about Prudence  products. Users uploaded stories about Prudence condoms, earning them badges and generating new incentives on an interactive, geo-tagged map. The 100 best storytellers were named "Testadores Prudence" and received a complete Prudence products package. 
Geo-tagged stories from users' experiences with Prudence products.
With DKT Brazil's recent expansion throughout  South America , Prudence also launched the campaign in Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The international campaign gave celebrity speakers and influencers the opportunity to speak with fans about safe sex and condom use.

DKT DR Congo promotes family planning at concert
Ambassadors from DKT's  Batela Lobi Na Yo ("Protect Your Future") campaign capitalized on the crowds drawn to a Maître GIMS concert in Kinshasa to discuss sexual health with young concert-goers.  

The team raised awareness about contraceptives as a measure of protection from pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about contraceptives, talk with clinic providers, and purchase condoms. Representatives sold more than 1,500 3-packs of OK condoms and discussed contraception with about 500 young people.  
Batela Lobi Na Yo ambassadors distribute condom samples and offer family planning advice at concert.
DKT Ghana celebrates World Contraception Day
DKT Ghana staff joined our float through the streets of Accra to promote family planning on World Contraception Day (September 26), distributing free Fiesta and Kiss condoms along the parade route. DKT staff also used the day to educate the public on correct usage of family planning products and to dispel myths. To attract an audience, the parade featured popular Ghanaian radio presenters Abieku Santana and Gloria Sarfo. 

DKT reached over 5,000 people in Accra through the event. DKT distributed almost 14,000 condoms, helping promote DKT's own brands and family planning as a whole.  
The DKT team traveling along the parade route to promote contraceptives.
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