January 25, 2024

Dear Barrington 220 Community,

I wanted to provide another update to you about the tragic passing of one of our BHS students earlier today. While our immediate focus throughout the school day has been on supporting the needs of the student’s family, our students, and our staff, we now have permission to share more information with the greater Barrington 220 community. 

Marin Lacson was a junior at BHS who was in the Chinese Immersion Program and a member of the Lacrosse team. Prior to attending BHS, Marin attended Countryside Elementary School and Station Middle School.

This morning Marin was walking to school when she was accidentally struck by a train on Route 59 and Main Street. 

Please know we are continuing to do everything we can to help the BHS community cope with Marin’s passing. Additional Barrington 220 counselors will continue to be on hand at BHS for any student needing support. We have established a specific team of adults at BHS for the purpose of supporting all of our students during difficult times like this. Additional support is also available for students at all of our school buildings who may need to talk to someone.

If you feel your child would benefit from speaking with a member of our support team, please contact your child’s teacher or principal. 

If you choose to discuss this with your child, below are some suggestions for doing so:

  • Be simple and straightforward at a developmentally appropriate level
  • Be brief, patient, and prepared to repeat things
  • Share only factual information and know that it is okay to say you don’t know to questions in which you do not have facts
  • A variety of feelings are normal- allow your child to be sad and to cry, but also do not be surprised if your child does not express emotion
  • Invite your child to come back to you at another time if he/she has more questions 

In addition, you can find support by contacting BStrong Together and Barrington Youth & Family Services

Please keep the Lacson family in your thoughts during this very difficult time.

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