Dear Lincoln Square BID Members and Friends:
These are truly challenging times for all of us - for our businesses, for those who work in them, for our cultural organizations, for our creative artists, for our schools, and for our residents.  Every single one of us is impacted by COVID-19 and our lives will be inexorably changed.  Our hope is that we will all follow the directions and guidance that our Governor and Mayor are issuing such as staying home, staying away from people (aka "social distancing"), and if at all possible, working remotely. The Lincoln Square BID is also monitoring the CDC website and following the guidance of our health professionals to encourage safe and responsible sanitary practices, such as frequently washing your hands for 20 seconds.
Our administrative staff is working remotely from home and are always reachable via email. Currently, our Clean Team and Public Safety Officers, both under contract, continue to work. Our Clean Team is making sure there is no litter in the district and are wiping down and disinfecting all street furniture as often as possible. Our Public Safety Officers are a visible presence in these challenging times, serving as the eyes and ears of the police department, gathering information on business and pedestrian activity, and providing assistance, if needed. We are evaluating the shifts, number of workers, etc. of our core programs and services and will make adjustments when appropriate or as needed.  
In an effort to keep you informed, we have been regularly updating our website - - to include the growing number of closures, most of which you already know. We have also included links to various informative websites with important guidance that we hope you will follow. Updated information for businesses can be found by clicking here . We have also included links to some activities that you can enjoy from home, including online cultural programming, online exercise classes, podcasts, and the like. And, click here to learn about the restaurants and eateries that are offering delivery and/or take-out.  
Many people are glued to the news, which can contribute to making us more anxious, so we hope that you will check out the information that we have provided and share any useful information that you may have come across. And, of course if any of the information is incorrect, please let us know.
I trust and hope that we all will come through this and at some point that we will go on with our lives and business will get back to normal. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns that you may have , and stay safe and in touch.


Monica Blum, President
Lincoln Square Business Improvement District