March 28, 2020

We have successfully wrapped up week two of online learning! If your home is anything like ours, your family is probably getting a little stir crazy.  Here is a link to great resources throughout Northeast Ohio that are offering free digital experiences at museums, zoos, and more . As of now, most parks remain open. I hope you are able to get outside to enjoy this first week of spring.

STVM Counseling Services Active & Available
Earlier this week, I participated in a webinar titled "COVID-19 Strategies with Schools Around the World." The panel consisted of administrators from around the world - China, Italy, Singapore and the US. It was helpful for me to hear that all of these schools, regardless of geography, are facing similar successes and challenges through this digital learning transition. Something that has been weighing heavily on me during this time, is how to support the emotional well being of our students. Educators around the world are feeling the same way. We are extremely fortunate at STVM to have an active counseling staff and dedicated teaching faculty who have been reaching out to and connecting with our student body since day one of the transition. I encourage you to reach out to a member of the Counseling Department with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your student’s emotional health.

Administrative Town Hall - Tuesday, March 31
The administrative team of Mr. Carone, Mr. McKrill, Mrs. Widders and myself will be conducting two “town hall” meetings on Tuesday, March 31. We will meet live with students from 12:10-12:40 pm (which is the scheduled mid-day break). Student questions can be submitted prior to the "town hall" through this Google Form - Deadline for questions is Monday, March 30 .

For our parent session, the four administrators will be answering questions together through a video conference. Parent questions can be submitted through this Google Form - Deadline for questions is Monday, March 30 . We will record and post/e-mail the video by Wednesday, April 1 so that all parents and school community members can view.

Friday, April 3 - No New Material or Live Lessons
Friday, April 3 was originally a scheduled day off from school. Students will not be presented with new material or live lessons on Friday. We will use the day as a day to allow students to catch up with any outstanding assignments.  Each department will hold office hours for students to log on and touch base with teachers for individual questions/help.

Stay safe and God Bless,
Kimberlee Gorr
We are a Catholic school in the Marianist Tradition and the  only  STEM designated Catholic high school in the State of Ohio.