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Dear Parents,

I pray that everyone is well and in advance, I thank you for the faith and trust you continue to place on our faculty and staff. I also thank you for your cooperation and adaptability as we go from schooling on campus and in classrooms to schooling online. 

We are ready and excited to launch SSEDS Remote Learning on Monday, March 30. We hope our students are just as excited! Much planning, meeting, and collaboration have taken place in the last two weeks, as we redefine teaching and learning. Homeroom teachers will send out a letter tomorrow which will include Special Area details, as well.

I am confident in our faculty, staff, and students. I ask that we see the challenges in the weeks ahead as opportunities for a dynamic community to come together, join hands, imagine, create, and find true meaning in authentic teaching and learning. The ability to execute, adapt, and iterate is more important than the ability to plan! Flexibility and patience will be key components as we navigate through this together. 

We envision many of the same general expectations when school is in regular session during remote learning:
  • Create a routine - Emotional health, sleep and nutrition remain important.
  • Include downtime in your routine/schedule.
  • Homeroom Teachers will take daily attendance during Morning Meetings.
  • All teaching and learning will remain driven by Educational Standards.
  • Most important to us is that our students continue to learn and grow in their skills and understanding.
  • Students will be held accountable for their growth, strive toward proficiency, and will be expected to:
    • Participate
    • Complete work independently
    • Be attentive, focused, and put their best foot forward during live sessions.
  • Faculty will make themselves available where students can connect and ask questions. 
  • Faculty will continue assessing student growth and learning.
For Grades 1-5, please take a moment to ensure your child's school iPad is charged and connected to your home's wifi. Our Management System updates and installs Apps on the school iPads regardless of their location but they do need to be on and connected to the Internet. You can also rest assured that the iPads will continue to be protected using Securly, our cloud-based filter.

We will constantly look for ways to improve upon, redefine, and bring authentic learning to the forefront. Please know that whatever practices we put into place during this time will be thoughtful, deliberate, and measured. Our faculty and staff remain committed to the delivery and quality of a true SSEDS experience.