An Update from TWCA
TWCA Members,

We hope you all are well and taking care during these unprecedented times.  Like many of you,   this pandemic has caused TWCA to shift some of its focus. We want to be able to engage quickly and best help members during times like these, so we welcome your thoughts on other new ways we can help your organization.

As a start, we are mobilizing our technology resources and will be sending more frequent editions of Confluence News starting tomorrow. This format will include summaries of recent notices as well as new information that may be of interest. We are also strengthening our video conference capabilities, and can help facilitate discussions for panels, committees, and other groups.

And while water policy will always be our top priority, we will be tracking state and federal policy changes that may impact the operations of our government and business members, such as suspension of certain provisions of state law and coronavirus-related federal legislation. These notices will be sent via email or included in our Confluence News , depending on priority.

We will also be working to develop online seminars and conferences for our members until we can get back to doing what TWCA does best, which is in-person meetings and collaboration. We have been informed by The Woodlands Resort that our Mid-Year Conference contract has been canceled and the hotel will be closed until at least July. This news was not entirely unexpected, given the current environment and trends with other conferences/hotels. While we continue discussions among the TWCA board and finance committee, TWCA staff is working hard on options for an online conference that we can offer to members as an alternative. We think this could be a good opportunity to provide timely and helpful information to our members in a convenient package. Please email  Sarah with suggestions on webinar topics and stay tuned for updates.  
Finally, our staff will be working remotely until the risk is lifted. We all have the ability to work from home, and I have been so impressed at how har d TWCA employees have bee n working behind the scenes. The office phones are being forwarded to our mobile phones, and you can find email addresses for all staff here . Please let us know if you have trouble reaching any of us, and feel free to call me at 512-809-7785 for any reason.
Thank you for your commitment to Texas water, the work you are doing for the state, and your support of TWCA. Let us know if you have a story to share with members, policy leaders, or the public. We know how hard you’re working and will help however we can. Stay well and let us know if you have any questions. 
Stacey Allison Steinbach
General Manager, TWCA