Dear Cathedral Community,
In advance of this Sunday's Virtual Town Hall from 11AM - 12PM, we wanted to let you know a little bit about the dean search committee's progress to date, and what to expect as we move forward, together.

Your Dean Search Committee has met and engaged in some team-building to get to know one another better; we have collectively studied the details of the charge we have been given, and have been meeting as a group weekly since August 27.

Your committee has sketched out a tentative timeline for the search process that has us welcoming a new Dean to Christ Church Cathedral by late summer 2021, or by the early Fall of that same year.
In addition to our weekly meetings, we have split into two subcommittees- one committee is responsible for the creation of the cathedral's Parish Profile, and the other half of the committee is responsible for the Parish Survey.

The parish survey is an integral part of the overall search process, and so we ask that you participate and provide feedback when it is sent to you. The survey will be posted sometime in mid-October, and you will have two weeks to complete it online. If you prefer not to provide your feedback online and/or don't have access to a computer, you can always request a printed survey instead. (Information on how to complete the survey will be in regular cathedral communications and will be available on the cathedral website as well.)
Once the parish survey and the parish profiles have been completed, the parish profile will be sent to the Vestry for approval. Once approved, the Search Committee will formally post the position. Postings for dean searches are typically open for 30-60 days.
Moving forward, we will be providing updates on the committee's progress every month.
As a reminder, your voice is important as we look to identify new cathedral leadership. Please do set aside time for this Sunday's Virtual Town Hall from 11 AM - 12 PM.

The link to register is:

Thank you for the faith and trust you have put in us! We ask for your continued prayers.

Your Dean Search Committee
Olden Warren - Co-chair
Patrick Daffin - Co-chair
Drew Abbott
Anne Jaroszewicz
Jane Paige-Steiner
Nikki Shenk
Karen Taylor
Melissa Vath