An Update from Your
Minister and Board
Dear Unity Members and Friends:
Unusual times call for unusual responses so, instead of our usual weekly E-newsletter, we thought it appropriate to let you know how your Board is responding to our current situation and our hopes and plans for the future.
Our first concern is that everyone is able to take care of themselves. We talked about whether there is a need for Unity members to physically assist other members who may be isolated and we realized that, rather than a small internal group, we are best to recommend  who are already matching volunteers with shut-ins who need shopping done or errands run. Please take advantage of this service if you are in need and we invite our Unity members to sign up as volunteers as well. In this way we partner with the larger community and expand our connections.
The way in which we at Unity can be most helpful is in doing what we do best – prayer support. Our prayer guide leader, Margaret Tiveron has established a dedicated email address where you can request a prayer guide to telephone you at a time most convenient to you. Our prayer guides are standing by; please don’t hesitate to use them. The address is . Or call  Silent Unity 1-816-969-2000  any time 24/7.
And you, too, can be of service. Please find a moment each day, to telephone someone you care about (your Unity family as well as your biological family) just to let them know that you care and want to make sure they are all-okay.
The best way to stay connected is to tune in to our live broadcast of our  Sunday  morning service on Facebook. I know, I know: some of us more mature people aren’t that fond of Facebook. This is our opportunity to grow! And push ourselves into the future (which is now). Once again, here are the instructions: Go to  and scroll down until you see the live post. Make sure your speaker icon (in the lower right corner of your screen) is on and turned up. While we are live, we ask you to “like” the page and “share” using the arrow in the lower right. It’s easy – you just click on the icons just below the video. And here’s a bit of motivation for those of us who still resist Facebook – our service  last Sunday  reached 855 people!
An audio version of the talk (and sometimes the meditation) is posted each week on our web page  ( )  and the facebook version stays on our page so you can view/listen at any time!
Beginning  this Sunday April 5 , Don Giberson and Margaret Tiveron will begin live-streaming a 10:00 a.m. meditation on our Facebook page as well. So tune in to the meditation, then while waiting for the service at 10:30, get a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy our ever-improving live-streamed service. We suggest that, following the meditation, you refresh your screen. We really appreciate your patience as we learn and improve the quality of the broadcast.  Thomas and Leslie Deschutter are going above and beyond with their dedication to making this happen; we are so grateful to them.
Of course, financial considerations are important at this time as most of our donations have normally been received at  Sunday  service. We are very grateful for those who have continued to support our Spiritual home online (you can find a “donate” button at the top of the “ Sunday  talks” page on our website  (  or e-transfer funds to , or send in cheques). With your help, we will come through this financially healthy. We are aware that we will need to revisit our 2020 budget once we see the impact of this crisis, but your Board is very aware and doing everything we can to keep our expenses down and our income up. For instance, we have been advised that the B.C. Government will not provide their normal grant this year because of our ‘religious orientation’ but Cyndi is preparing an appeal based upon our many services such as yoga, tai chi, qi gong, workshops, lectures and our Peace Day outreach. Cyndi is also monitoring possible sources of income such as wage subsidies, and board President, Liane will approach TD bank about possible loan payment deferrals if necessary. Please be assured that we remain financially healthy; the Board has been forward thinking and we do have a “contingency fund”. I think there is little doubt that this is a contingency and the Board will use this responsibly and only if necessary. We do invite you to include the financial health of all Unity Centres in your own prayer practice. We are especially grateful for the efficiency and support of our lovely Cyndi Pitvor who monitors our finances so well. Cyndi is currently working from home but checks phone messages and emails daily.
In these times of economic uncertainty, we remain true to our commitment to maintaining our prosperity consciousness through our practice of tithing. At this point, we have not yet disbursed our “community” portion of our 2019 tithes and the Board has voted to immediately distribute these funds to other Unity churches and Centres in Canada, thus affirming Unity of Nanaimo as a channel through which The One Source flows into and improves our world. 
Our future looks bright. These trying times have given us the impetus to try new things. It is clear that on-line streaming is something we need to continue evem after we are back to live  Sunday  mornings so we can continue to serve those who are at a distance or who cannot get out for one reason or another. We have contacted Unity Worldwide Ministries and there will soon be a matching grant program to enable ministries to purchase the necessary equipment to provide top-quality live-streaming. Thomas is researching the desirable equipment and we will be fully prepared to take advantage of that funding opportunity. If you have knowledge of that equipment, of live-streaming technologies, or if you want to jump on board and be part of the team that makes that happen, please let Thomas know at
The Board is pleased to welcome Gilles Brouard and Brenda Hanus to the Board. Our bylaws provide that, should a vacancy exist on the board, the Board can appoint a qualified member to complete the balance of the term. Gilles will be completing the term to which Deedre Statz was elected last year and then replaced by Lorraine Jensen. Both Deedre and Lorraine found it necessary to resign for personal reasons and we thank them for their service and know that they are divinely guided to service in the capacity and at the time that serves them best. Brenda has been appointed to complete the one year remaining in the term of Kareen Holyer’s position.  Kareen has been a blessing as volunteer coordinator and very efficient secretary and she will be missed in those capacities although she remains an active volunteer. Thank you Kareen.
The terms of Board President Liane Moores and Don Giberson will expire at the next Annual General Meeting. Liane is not eligible to be re-elected as she has served the maximum 6 years (4 as your very loving and giving President) and Don has agreed to stand for re-election. Don Giberson and Meg Fraser will be presented as the nominees at the AGM. The B.C. Societies act permits us to delay the AGM for up to 3 months so we will monitor the personal-distancing recommendations for the time being. Meanwhile, Meg has been invited to sit in on Board meetings until she is officially elected. We are very excited at the calibre of these incoming Board members and we know and affirm Divine Guidance in leading this beautiful spiritual community.
With deep gratitude for each and every one of you, we are honoured to serve as your Minister and Board.
Patricia, Liane, Thomas, Don, Rick, Gilles, Brenda (and Meg)