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Lake Toxaway Charities mission is to support the charities, medical outreach, and educators who work with and minister to the abused, disabled, indigent, and those with special needs in Transylvania County.
April 2020
Providing assistance to food-insecure school children of Transylvania County
Over 80% of Transylvania County students qualify and are provided 2 meals a day by our schools. Over 1600 meals are currently being home delivered by school buses or are available to pick up at our schools as of March 18th. Lake Toxaway Charities delivered a $10,000 emergency grant on March 23rd to assist these efforts. On April 5th, Lake Toxaway Charities approved an additional grant of $10,000.

Due to the generosity and compassion of Toxaway Charities donors, Transylvania County Schools (TCS) was able to help at least 200 family units and over 250 children with grocery cards. TCS initially purchased $30,000 in grocery cards. These gift cards provide triage help to the families most in need.
Providing critical support for our neighbors in need
Change the World (Meals for the elderly of Transylvania County) is experiencing a significant increased demand for meals, currently 3 times the normal distribution. Lake Toxaway Charities donated $5,000 last week to aid in this important initiative.
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God’s Way Food Pantry in Balsam Grove is experiencing a significant increased demand for produce and groceries, currently 4 times the normal distribution. By the end of May God's Way Food Pantry anticipates meeting the food needs for 800 to 1,000 people. The food pantry expects to be $1,500 over budget for each community food distribution. Lake Toxaway Charities donated $5,000 April 2nd to aid in this important initiative.
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The Sharing House in Brevard experienced a record month of food needs this March. Over 40% of this demand was from first time families or families who have not needed support in the last 15 months. To aid the Sharing House effort we distributed a $10,000 emergency grant on March 23rd.
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Lake Toxaway Charities approved reallocation of a $10,000 grant for MedAssist on March 18th. MedAssist provides medication for those residents who cannot afford it.
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Mountain Roots created a comprehensive program to provide guidance and encouragement for parents teaching at home. Lake Toxaway Charities approved a $5,000 emergency grant to finance this important program.
Lake Toxaway Charities is a community leader
Lake Toxaway Charities has been a community leader for over 40 years in helping the hungry, homeless, abused, and the medically and educationally deprived.

Lake Toxaway Charities is “stepping up” and giving back quickly with focus on food, shelter, and prescription drug needs.

Please consider a financial donation to allow Lake Toxaway Charities to meet these critical needs, both current and anticipated.

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