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We've updated our name - and our look! We still promote smart transportation solutions for Central Florida's workforce. Options like carpooling, riding transit and biking to work can improve quality of life by decreasing congestion, improving air quality, conserving natural resources - and best yet, saving people money. Learn more about what we do and how we can help your business at reThinkYourCommute.com.
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Go DTO: Downtown Orlando Commute Challenge 2017
We hosted the second Go DTO: Downtown Orlando Commute Challenge May 1-31, 2017. Over 860 commuters took the challenge, logging their commutes and even trying new ways of getting to work throughout the month.

May might be over, but you can still reThink the way you get to work. We can help.

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Employer Spotlight
During this year's commute challenge, companies were encouraged to compete for the prize of "Top Employer." Points were earned based on level of participation, as well as the type of commuter benefits offered to employees.

We are happy to announce that PlanSource has won the distinction of "Top Employer" for the May 2017 Go DTO: Downtown Orlando Commute Challenge. PlanSource provides a complete cloud-based technology platform for managing employee benefits and human capital.

Located in the Exchange Building, their 170 employees can receive a free transit pass in lieu of a parking pass. Providing commuters with that type of option is exactly what we love seeing employers do.
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Commuter Spotlight
We're always inspired when we meet commuters who make the transit system work for them - like Cobbin, a City of Orlando employee. Cobbin rides his bike to the Lake Mary SunRail station, then heads to his office at City Hall in Downtown Orlando.

"The luxury of time while riding SunRail has been a surprise benefit," says Cobbin. He spends his train ride reading or getting a head start on work. Cobbin gets bonus points for style thanks to his foldable bicycle, which tucks neatly under his desk.

While at first the SunRail schedule seemed like a challenge, Cobbin was able to adjust his work schedule. His advice? "Explore your options, and don't be afraid to sweat a little!"

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Cobbin - Train and Bike Commuter