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To Our Washington Hebrew Community:


Over the past several months, the Rabbinic Transition Committee (RTC) has met with hundreds of our members in groups large and small, one-on-one, in person, and via Zoom. You gave your time; you shared your thoughts about our community and its spiritual leadership; you told us what you think works well and areas that need improvement. We have heard you, and we are grateful, humbled, and inspired. Thank you.


What happens next?


Over the coming weeks, the Rabbinic Transition Committee, aided by our transition consultant Rabbi David Wolfman, will meet to consider and discuss what we have heard and develop a recommendation to the Board of Directors on a leadership structure that best meets the needs of our community. It would be premature to comment further on the possible outcomes of the RTC's discussions. The Committee intends to prepare a report summarizing the listening sessions, which we will share with the Congregation.


Ultimately, pursuant to the WHC Constitution, the Congregation – not the Board or the RTC – will make the decision about the future clergy leadership of Washington Hebrew. Along the way, we will continue to keep you informed on progress leading to the point where the Board will make a recommendation to the Congregation and convene a meeting of the membership to make this historic decision about our future. In the interim, we welcome your continued input and further discussion.


Thank you again,


Mark Director, President

Lewis Wiener, First Vice President and Chair of the Rabbinic Transition Committee