June 22, 2020
Dear saints,

I do hope that this letter finds each of you safe in the knowledge of God’s abiding and everlasting love as we navigate these challenging times together as a church. I certainly do miss seeing you at All Saints’, especially on Sundays and I am sure you miss being with your church family too. 
I am writing to offer an update on where our parish stands with relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. Last week the Diocese of Atlanta released its phase one plan for the return to in-person gatherings. It is a fairly detailed plan, laying out the parameters within which individual parishes can discern how best to put into practice in-person gatherings in their individual settings. Our parish's Public Health Task Force has received the plan will work alongside the staff to use it as a foundation for our own set of phase one protocols. The vestry will meet next month to review that All Saints’ phase one plan and I will then get back in touch with the parish as a whole, naming a date for when we might resume some in-person activities and what our protocols will be.

In the meantime, we will continue to be the church, and to raise up for one another the call we hear to proclaim and serve God’s kingdom of love, justice and peace. If you have not had the opportunity to explore how All Saints’ has continued to share community and be formed in Christ, and how we have worshiped and made-music online, then I do wholeheartedly commend our archive of videos either via Facebook or on Vimeo . You’ll find a lot there, over 175 videos produced over the past three months since the pandemic prevented us from gathering together. The sheer number of these videos speaks to me of the incredible tenacity and hard work of our staff, who over these summer weeks are taking a much needed break. You too, as a parish, have continued to be a church for the city and for one another with faithfulness and creativity. Collectively you have donated over $50,000 to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund since my first appeal to you. Your incredible generosity has enabled me to help people in need and I am so deeply thankful for your manifold love as a church. There remain ways to serve with All Saints’ via the All Saints’ Cares initiative which continues through the summer, so please do consider reaching out to one of the organizations listed on the All Saints' Cares webpage . And while we are near to completing our breathtaking every member phone tree effort, there is always the opportunity for you to continue to reach out to those you know in the parish and offer a listening ear.

I pray that this summer will gift some respite for you and your loved ones, and that you will, like me, continue to draw strength from all that makes All Saints’ the extraordinary church that it is.
The Rev. Dr. Simon Mainwaring, Rector
634 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30308
telephone: 404-881-0835