April 1, 2021
To Our District 115 School Community:

Following our March District 115 Board of Education meeting, it was determined that all LFHS students who plan to participate in five-day-a-week, full-day, in-person learning following Spring Break would need to take part in gateway COVID-19 testing in advance of their return to school, and twice-weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing thereafter.

Since then, some members of our school community have questioned this decision. As a Board, we know it is difficult to please all stakeholders but our goal is always to listen carefully and to be willing to adjust based on what we believe is in the best interest of our students. With that in mind, we are updating our plans for COVID-19 testing.

Updated Plans
  • Week of March 29: Mandatory gateway (re-entry) COVID-19 testing for LFHS students has been taking place this week as we prepare for the expansion of five-day, in-person learning for all students who choose to participate beginning Monday, April 5.

  • Week of April 5: Twice-weekly COVID-19 testing will be required for all students participating in five-day, in-person learning. 

  • Week of April 12: Barring a significant shift in data, we plan to return to voluntary COVID-19 testing beginning Monday, April 12. Thereafter, COVID-19 testing will be voluntary for all LFHS students participating in in-person learning. COVID-19 testing will remain mandatory once per week for athletes participating in medium- and high-risk sports

COVID-19 Testing, Exceptions, and Exemptions
We will continue to use the Abbott BinaxNOW antigen test because of its accuracy and rapid results. Our testing schedule for this week, next week, and voluntary surveillance testing for the balance of the year, may be found HERE

Choosing to do COVID-19 testing with an external health provider qualifies as a testing exception. You may also submit a request for an exception for gateway and/or weekly screening, however, all tests must be submitted by the assigned weekly testing days.

Because of the changes to our safety and mitigation efforts and for administrative purposes, prior submissions cannot carry over to the 4th quarter. If an exception or exemption is desired, requests must be resubmitted. ALL medical/health related exemptions require a doctor’s note/letter. You may learn more about COVID-19 testing exceptions and exemptions HERE.

Looking Ahead
We are all tired of this virus and, with the availability of vaccines increasing, we are getting closer to reclaiming our “regular lives.” That’s encouraging. But we must remain vigilant in the use of the mitigation strategies that have proven so successful in our schools thus far. We will continue to watch the data in our building, ZIP Codes, and Lake County and adjust as necessary.

David Lane
President, Lake Forest community High School District 115 Board of Education