An Update on COVID-19
A Message for Nonprofit Leaders,

After you take a deep breath, take another deep breath and acknowledge that no one has all the answers. Expect any action to elicit both criticism and praise. None of us signed up for this and we’re all doing the best we can, but don’t do anything that is irrevocable. Sometimes a little sleep, a calm conversation or a few moments alone can make all the difference.  

Lean on your board members. Set aside dedicated uninterrupted time to talk, one on one and as a group, and put a game plan together. Depending on the dynamic, they may look to you for tone, but you’ll rely on them to communicate broadly and consistently. Board members can be a great asset in reaching out to civic and municipal leadership as well as help with targeted donor conversations. These are unprecedented times for you, your private donors and your institutional funders, necessitating hard conversations about your agency’s ability to weather this storm. This is a time for transparency and humility.  

Consider collaborations with other organizations. Larger organizations may find themselves suddenly overwhelmed and in need of manpower. Smaller organizations may find themselves without the resources to step up service levels. Synergistic relationships will take creative thinking, open minds and necessary ground rules to set expectations and protect all parties. But, it IS possible and may offer not only logistical and financial advantages, but may also provide a cross-community morale boost and raison d’être.

Please see our updates below about previously scheduled workshops and trainings at OCCF, and check our website frequently for updates on OCCF's response to this crisis. If nothing else, the central Oklahoma community knows how to pull together.

Seeds of Planned Giving and Focus on Endowment
All Seeds of Planned Giving and Focus on Endowment sessions have been postponed indefinitely.

Give Smart OKC Update and Build Your Profile Sessions
The remaining Give Smart OKC sessions are canceled. Please check back in April for more Update and Build Your Profile sessions.

2020 Disaster Relief Fund
Organizations providing services and assistance to individuals who have been impacted by COVID-19 are eligible to apply to receive a grant from our 2020 Disaster Relief Fund. Learn more at

Jennifer Meckling
Charitable Organization Endowment Program Director
Oklahoma City Community Foundation