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September 9, 2015

Greetings Pinball Fans,     

Every day brings us more parts and closer to production of The Hobbit. In recent days our customers have become more excited to get their games. Every loyal JJP customer knows our commitment to make Great Games. We wanted to share more details of Hobbit as you will see an update on code, sound, and animations below. We went back to the drawing board to redesign The Hobbit so in that process we found a more artistic and suitable finish for the body armor of the LE and SE games. As always it took more to do it but it looks awesome! See photos below. 
We are on track to begin Hobbit Production this Fall. To get a better understanding of our level of dedication and commitment to make the greatest pinball machines, please check out this video of David Thiel and Butch Peel's Seminar, "Making of The Hobbit Pinball" at this year's Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show in June -  Click Here to Watch the Seminar 

This weekend, Butch Peel will be attending the Cleveland Pinball Show and will be speaking at 9:30 on Friday Night. Gary of Abel Electronics will have a WOZ to Play and Hobbit Translites for Sale. Unfortunately, tight schedule and logistics prevented us from getting a Hobbit to the show, but soon everyone who has a Hobbit on order will have one to play. Thanks to Marvin Ortscheid for your commitment to the Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Show! - For more info, visit http://clevelandpinballshow.com/ 
Hobbit Code Update 
Progammer, Keith Johnson says "Hobbit code is progressing nicely. Already 21 of 31 planned main 'book modes' are complete and are all individual different-playing story-based modes.  All of the main objectives leading to the wizard modes are in the game, and finishing the other minor rules such as mystery awards and bumper rules is progressing now. There is already significant choreography in the game, particularly Smaug, so it already feels much more like a game than WOZ might've at this point prior to shipping. There are many things that haven't been divulged yet about how the rules and modes will work that will take the game to unprecedented levels, so look forward to that!"

Hobbit Sound Update
Here is a little progress report on speech and callouts from SoundMaster, David Thiel. Over a thousand speech callouts have been culled from the three Hobbit movies.  Over a thousand sound effects have been extracted and used as raw materials to craft over 400 custom award stingers.
Hollywood's "Two Steps from Hell" have delivered 34 pieces of music for the game modes of The Hobbit Pinball. Each piece is a lush and epic orchestral background composed for the specific mode of game action.  Each composition is luxuriously long and few will loop during play. David says, "No pinball has ever had such an 'epic' soundtrack."
All the CPU power and storage of the JJP system is being exploited for Hobbit Pinball audio. All cues and music are uncompressed 44.1, stereo assets delivered with authored dynamic mixing to ensure that the most important sounds are always being heard by the player.
"I've worked on 24 pinball audio packages since 1987 and what we have accomplished with The Hobbit Pinball is the most exciting and entertaining audio package ever.  I've had the 'Expo' prototype for months testing audio cues and I am having a blast playing the game as it takes shape." - David Thiel. 

Animation Update
Artist & Graphic Designer, JP DeWin says "It has been a joy to work with the high def. movie material from The Hobbit after WOZ. It's good to see so many positive reactions regarding the LCD, as I knew I wanted to make the user interface on our 2nd game even better than the first. It still amazes me how the animations run so smoothly on screen thanks to the great programming of Keith and Ted. Having been able to work on both the print-art and animations simultaneously on Hobbit has been great, as I can easily re-use playfield elements on the screen to clarify rules and seamlessly bring the design elements of the whole game together."

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Body Armor - Smaug Gold

Body Armor - Hobbit LE

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