Update on Emergency Food Service This Week and Resources for Job Loss

We hope you and yours are well and safe, and will remain that way.

We are so grateful for everything our Loudoun community represents.
And it's a lot.
In the last two weeks almost 1,000 donors have helped several thousand Loudoun households in need. Someone will eat tonight because of the generosity of our community, and we are grateful.

Since schools closed two weeks ago, nearly 1000 individuals, families, corporations and foundations have given food, money or other material assistance to Loudoun Hunger Relief. We are quite literally overwhelmed with the generosity.

Honestly, tears are shed every day here in response to the kindness of those who want to help and from the grace and goodwill of those we are helping.
Thousands in our community are hurting who have never needed food, rent or other assistance before: salespeople, construction workers, hospitality industry workers, childcare providers, hairstylists, artists, drivers, contractors, small business owners, and many, many more.

Loudoun Hunger Relief is here for anyone who may need food assistance in Loudoun County with groceries and fresh produce. Call us for an appointment at 703-777-5911.

  • If you or someone you know is looking for resources, please have them call: 703-777-0420 for information and referral information or visit this link

  • We encourage families in need with children OF ANY AGE to get breakfast and lunch from our Loudoun County Public Schools. Information on times and locations are here: https://lcpshealthycafe.org/

Your help is making a huge impact!