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Thank you for your interest in the Lake Simcoe Conservation Preserve.

The Property

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The Lake Simcoe Conservation Preserve is the interim name we’ve chosen to describe the property that we acquired in March 2022.

The Conservation Preserve is 5 parcels of land totaling 890 acres in the Town of Georgina including 302 acres that is being farmed. The lands are subject to a Minister’s Zoning Order, designating it as environmentally protected.

What We're Doing

The property is quite large (about 50 acres larger than Central Park in New York!) and we have a lot of work to do before it's ready for the public.

Work includes documenting the extent of the land holdings including species, natural features and hazards. For instance, during this past summer, our staff undertook bird and amphibian monitoring studies which identified a wide range of species (flora and fauna) that call this property home.

During these investigations, we’ve also found evidence of significant trespass issues, including signs of ATV (all terrain vehicle) use and hunting.

The property is not open to the public at this time, and we’ve posted signs to this effect. We'll be engaging in efforts to promote this information more broadly, but ask for your support in the interim.

ATV’s cause significant environmental damage, including spreading invasive species, harming wildlife, compacting soil and negatively impacting water run-off.

Structures like this wooden hunting stall were found on the property. Hunting is strictly prohibited on these lands and we will be removing them.

Our Next Steps

The property boundaries are being assessed by an Ontario Land Surveyor to update survey documents and establish clear property boundary markings in the field.

Once complete, several kilometers of new farm fencing will be installed to close the property and confirm boundaries. Access gates will also be installed at critical points to permit access for Authority staff to undertake property maintenance, management and ongoing monitoring and assessment.

We'll also be developing a long-term management plan that will include consultation with the public (so expect to hear more from us on that front!), including municipal and private stakeholders and Indigenous communities. Development of this long-term plan will take a few years to complete and will be subject to funding support.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve received provincial funding to support some initial studies that will inform the long-term plan for the property.

We’ve gone out to tender on the project to hire a consultant that will provide three deliverables which we expect will be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

The deliverables include:

1) A baseline report for the entire land holding of 5 parcels, which will establish what the existing site conditions are.

2) A stewardship plan identifying site-specific issues and providing stewardship recommendations and priorities.

3) Identification of opportunities and constraints for potential development in keeping with the provincial zoning order. Note that while the lands have been designated Environmental Protection under the zoning order, existing legal uses are permitted to continue (for example, agricultural uses). Ongoing and future agricultural uses will be assessed as part of the existing condition reporting and in greater detail as part of the longer-term Master Plan for this property.

What You Can Do to Help

We ask for your support in sharing the messaging that the Lake Simcoe Conservation Preserve is currently not open to the public.

We have much work ahead of us before we can safely invite visitors.

Thank You

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If you have any questions, please direct them to: communications@lsrca.on.ca.

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