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Sedona-Verde Valley Red Rock
National Monument  Proposal
The Sedona-Verde Valley is buzzing with discourse concerning a proposal initiated by the KSB Keep Sedona Beautiful to designate approximately 160,000 acres in, and around, the Sedona-Verde Valley into a National Monument.

Recently, public meetings in both Sedona and Cottonwood initiated separate and different responses from the folks in attendance. Read Verde Independent article here.
While Sedona's wilderness areas, Coconino National  Forest and some private lands would make up the brunt of the proposed National Monument, additional areas which  spread from the Sycamore Canyon Verde River forested area, above Clarkdale, to the Beaver Creek wetlands in Lake Montezuma/Rimrock are included.   Private lands on Red Rock Loop Road, Sedona, AZ are also included. KSB has extended the boundaries to include the Trout Farm up Oak Creek Canyon. This expansive area includes lands that our Sedona - Verde Valley depends on for water resources which feed our valley and beyond, recreation areas we have all enjoyed, and range lands with current permits used by ranchers for decades.

KSB a private, special interest group, and their President O'Halleran, a former Senator of AZ,  is working around the clock, meeting behind closed doors, seeking approval from various incorporated city and town council members to obtain their support. Current KSB meetings have taken place for the purpose of creating a Letter of Intent, which has now transformed into a " Management Recommendations In Support of the Monument Values"., KSB is moving rapidly to submit their plan to the US Department of the Interior in conjunction with the Coconino National Forest for their consideration in implementing it into the final  Management plan of these proposed lands which will affect everyone who lives here.  KSB has taken on the self-proclaimed role as representatives for the voice of the public, approximately 80,000 people who reside in the entire Sedona-Verde Valley region. Their focus and thrust is to complete this process so that President Obama will sign these lands into a national monument, prior to the time he leaves office, very soon.   ( Read More Here.)
                42+ Residential  Acres on Oak Creek
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"We were proposing, in a sense, that the rest of the world be made safe for American ideas, as they adopted intellectual property rights that gave patent protection to our very innovative economy. "
~Jeffrey Sachs
"Politicians like to tell people what they want to hear - and what they want to hear is what won't happen. "   
~Paul Samuelson


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