The Importance of Being Earnest    
by Oscar Wilde 
 directed by Birgitta De Pree
at The Millibo Art Theatre March 10th-26th

So very very important that you do not miss this and I say this in all earnestness!  
Jane Fromme as Lady Bracknell
The MAT reaches deep down into their bag of tricks and pulls out this magical comedy of manners that has been making audiences laugh uproariously for over a 100 years. Directed by the award winning actress Birgitta De Pree and starring an all star local cast including Jane Fromme as Lady Bracknell.         
"One of the greatest comedies in the English language, a darkly and deliciously subversive little piece, as light as a meringue!"
"What can a poor critic do with a play which raises no principle, whether of art or morals, creates its own canons and conventions, and is nothing but an absolutely willful expression of an irrepressibly witty personality?"   
"Yes, but you must be serious about it. I hate people who are not serious about meals. It is so shallow of them"

March 10-26 
Thursdays - Saturdays 7:30 p.m.    
Sundays at 2 p.m.
Price: $22 per person
Thursdays: $16
Day-of: $25 
The Millibo Art Theatre, 1626 S. Tejon St. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
The All Star Cast:
Gordon Snyder 
Mark Rantall  
Chris O'Shaughnessey  
Jane Fromme  
Camille Henry  
Anna Faye Hunter  
Ashley Crockett  
Julian Bucknell  
David Wild
  Directed by Birgitta DePree 
Tickets available here or by calling the box office at 719-465-6321 or emailing
Anna Faye Hunter
Photos by Travis Lowell
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