Friday, April 28, 2017 Volunteers

It's 2017 National Volunteer Week! This organization could not exist if it were not for the contributions of hundreds of volunteers around the United States. Our volunteers contribute endless hours answering emails, moderating the social media groups, researching information, and supporting the parents, spouses, family, and friends of our United States Marines. The dedication to the Marine Corps from each of these individuals benefits thousands of families around the world. Between all volunteers, there were 42,876.75 volunteer hours recorded last year. That averages out to 824.55 hours per week, which totals out to 21 full time employees. That is truly inspiring!

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Tell Our Volunteers Thank You

As National Volunteer Week comes to an end, we encourage you, if you haven't done so already, to write a thank you note to our volunteers. Whether it's one volunteer in particular that touched your life, or if you'd like to address all of our volunteers as a whole, please make a comment on this post on our MarineParents Facebook page to express your gratitude.

Apply to be a MarineParents Volunteer

Would you like to become a volunteer for The organization is growing daily, and our need for additional volunteers is growing as well. Volunteering at Marine Parents is a rewarding experience and opens many doors to new friendships and levels of support, and provides you an opportunity to lend support to other Marine Corps families.

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