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Well we blinked, and now, in just a couple of days, we will be celebrating Christmas! Wasn’t Thanksgiving just yesterday?! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We want to remind everyone that we will be closed between Christmas and New Year’s so that all of our hardworking team members can spend time with their friends and families this holiday season! We will reopen on Tuesday, January 2.
Just like we hope this Christmas season is full of wonder, we hope this issue brings the same. Wonder is defined as a feeling of surprise, mingled with admiration, caused by something BEAUTIFUL, UNEXPECTED, UNFAMILIAR, or INEXPLICABLE. Read on for each of these elements of wonder.
Have you been dreaming of an island of your very own? No, not the tropical oasis kind of island, but who couldn’t use that right about now? We are talking about the KITCHEN island. One of the major wants and wishes for any kitchen, new or remodel, is an island. A large workspace, storage and seating are the must haves for many when putting in an island.
But there is so much more to consider….
What kind of island is right for you? Are you a baker and/or chef who needs a lot of prep space or an additional sink? How many people usually cook in the kitchen at the same time? Do you entertain a lot where additional seating would be wonderful to have in the kitchen? Do you want a contrasting color island that coordinates with your main kitchen cabinetry? Should the island countertop be different than your other countertops in your kitchen? Do you want appliances in your island? Should the island be all one level, or would an elevated section on your island be beneficial? Does a peninsula actually make more sense in your space? Will an island even fit in your space?
Did your mind just explode?

We hope not, and we don’t want you to face these decisions by yourself! Our expert designers can make sure that all of your wants and needs are considered, but most importantly, we help with those big questions like traffic flow, spacing, and layout. And we also can suggest some pretty amazing decorators who can help out with any other questions you may have.

Here are just a few pictures of the many islands we have done here at FCI. Click here to view even more on our website!
Caesarstone’s Concetto Indigo awarded a 2017 Architectural Digest Great Design Award

Caesarstone is at the leading edge of the design industry, always pushing boundaries, bringing new ideas to the market and continuously updating their range of colors, textures and applications. This year has been busy for the quartz surface manufacturer. Their semi-precious stone collection—Concetto—has been garnering much-deserved attention.

One of the collection’s beautiful designs has won the coveted 2017 Architectural Digest Great Design Award, which is given to the best in interiors, style, art and architecture. The luxury magazine honors designers whose work inspires them and their readers. The Caesarstone Indigo 8540 stone surface promotes balance and harmony as traces of white stream through a rich midnight blue. This mysterious Dumortierite quartz gemstone surface adapts itself to every décor—from cool and contemporary to warm and inviting.

In addition to the success of Concetto Indigo, Caesarstone has taken on concrete, the newest raw trend in design. Don’t let its popularity resurgence fool you, though, the cement look has lasting power in design. It can successfully be combined with elements such as wood, brick, subway tile, and metal for beautiful juxtaposition.

The Caesarstone quartz Concrete Series achieves the same look as real concrete without the cracks, stains or inconsistent color by providing a durable and predictable surface. The newest addition, Rugged Concrete, brings texture to the forefront and adds depth to the series. 
Caesarstone pioneered the first quartz countertops and continues to dominate the surface industry with innovations in color, style and endurance.

Pictured left, top to bottom is the Concetto Indigo and the Rugged Concrete. Please visit Caesarstone's website for further information and to gaze at all the offerings they have!

Thank you to Caesarstone for providing the above information for our newsletter!
“Revel in fast, more versatile, and healthier cooking.”

Let’s meet the Wolf Convection Steam Oven. Using either steam, convection, or both at the same time, this oven lets you chose the cooking mode that is most ideal for your dish.

You can bake bread, roast a chicken, steam veggies, or simply reheat that leftover pizza in your fridge back to it’s delicious ‘fresh out the oven’ taste. The end result is so much better than you could have imagined. Not only does this oven tend to complete your dishes 25% faster, but your healthier foods can retain up to 22% more vitamins when using the steam option over conventional cooking.

Do we have you hooked yet? Come see for yourself! We have a live working convection steam oven in our showroom that we can fire up for you.

Check out this video to learn even more and then give us a call to learn how you can get a convection steam oven in your home!
It’s been oddly warm this winter, wasn't it just 66 degrees earlier in the month?! However, I believe the cold is finally staying put for now, and our heater's are in gear. During the winter time, have you ever noticed your cabinet doors to be a little out of adjustment or your moldings pulling away from your ceiling? Why does this happen?

The culprit... more than likely, humidity; low humidity that is.

As cold weather moves in, humidity levels naturally drop. That's because cold air can't hold as much moisture as warm air. Combine this with forced gas, electric, and fireplaces to heat your home and the problem escalates rapidly if your home is not equipped with a functioning humidification system. A properly installed humidification system on your furnace will allow you to maintain a more constant humidity level in your home, no matter what time of year it is.

While many are more concerned of water near your cabinetry, too dry of conditions can be equally harmful. Extreme dry conditions can lead to shrinkage and separation in joints, which then reveals unsightly gaps in your cabinetry and moldings.

This is not a reason for replacement but is instead an indication that humidity levels are too low and need to be remedied. The optimal humidity level is 45% relative humidity; extreme conditions (lower than 20% or higher than 80%) need to be avoided. Controlling the humidity in your home not only is great for your personal health, but your home's health. Protect and preserve your investments, from your cabinetry and millwork, to your furniture.

If you begin to notice your cabinet doors are a bit off, first try and check the humidity levels in the home. More often than not, when the humidity levels are maintained at the right level, most issues can correct themselves. If wanted, you can adjust your hinges to assist in aligning them back.

One of the trends that we’ve been noticing is fewer upper cabinets… at times, with the addition of open shelving in the kitchen. Some homeowners love this feeling of openness, and less visual clutter. However, with any trend, even if you love it, one should always consider if the trend will function in your home.
When it comes to open shelving in the kitchen, if you don’t feel like you are the most tidy with your dishes (or whatever you plan to display), and occasional dusting of this space would annoy you to no end, this is probably not the trend for you. Homeowners also need to consider that you may not be able to store as much on the floating shelves as you would in upper cabinets. If you plan to eliminate uppers all together, making sure there is sufficient storage space for all your kitchen items is extremely important.
If considering open or floating shelving, don’t forget about lighting! Lighting in any space is important, especially in the kitchen, and you still have options if you go with open shelving. Placing a sconce above your floating shelves is a great look where you can express your style, add another pop of color, all while adding useful task lighting. Homeowners also have the option for under cabinet lighting. Notice the second picture down, the lighting is embedded into the shelf itself (as well as an outlet) hiding all lighting strips and cords.
I’ve seen a few interesting ideas in the floating shelf world while roaming around online this past month. Floating shelves are not just for the wall, but what about across a window or a wall of windows? Or above your island, suspended from the ceiling?
If you are planning to incorporate floating shelves in any part of your home (especially the kitchen), make sure to plan what items will go on the shelves to account for height, depth, and spacing. For example, how large are your dinner plates? If you plan to stack them on the shelf, make sure your shelf is deep enough. You don’t want to hang your shelves and realize after the fact that the items you planned to display won’t fit how you imagined.
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“Diane and I wanted to let you know that we couldn't have been more impressed or pleased with the team that installed the cabinets over the last two days. With recently disappointing experiences in others' facets of the project, your team swept in and looked like superstars. It was at the end of the first day that I made the comment to our son (who's also seen and experienced our frustration with the others' work), "THIS is what competency looks like." Not only did they do a fantastic job of installing the cabinets, they were pleasant, professional and went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the installation. They were also courteous and patient with us as we hovered and asked questions. Oh, and the cabinets look AWESOME too! Seriously, the cabinets wildly surpassed anything we were able to visualize from one door panel and a small sample piece. We are thrilled with how they turned out. Thanks to your team, the project (which was beginning to wear on us) is now on an upswing. This was a GREAT experience for us and we will DEFINITELY be engaging you again when we're ready to proceed with our next project(s). Thanks for everything and we look forward to working with you again soon.”

-Tim & Diane, from Evansville
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