Can rental housing providers return to a state of normalcy anytime soon? There are many “what ifs” we can walk you through.

You can hypothetical an attorney to death but we’ve put together a handful of situations that we anticipate landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals will encounter, with a brief discussion of each. 
Is three times the charm for calls to establish a statewide rent registry?

One thing we’ve learned from tenants’ advocates is that they are a resilient bunch. After similar measures have been shot down repeatedly, there are yet more bills being marinated in the statehouse that would mandate landlords to submit reams of information about their rental business. 
From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
We hope that you remain in the best of health and spirits.

In the immediate future, we will have guidance on how to tap into the rental assistance funds made available through SB 91 but at the moment, we are in a holding pattern.

Until more specific instructions and documents are off the press, we want you to have a heart-to-heart conversation with tenants about the win-win opportunity to recover 80% of COVID-related rent debt while washing away the remaining 20% of back rent.

If there is so much acrimony in the relationship that parties cannot come to the table, Bornstein Law can attempt to untangle the knot by inserting ourselves into the dialog.

Taking advantage of this program is certainly our strong preference, but we know that for many of you, this will either not be an option or is impractical because of a litany of other issues in the tenancy.

Bornstein Law stands ready to assist when obstacles stand in the way of availing rental assistance dollars. We can also explore other ways to get property owners' cash flowing again.

Please be well and please be safe in these most bizarre of times.
Thanks to all of you for attending our webinar on the most current lay of the land.

Here's a replay. The law can have the shelf life of a banana peel, so we expect to host another webinar soon to bring you up to speed on rules that are sure to evolve at a brisk pace.