I wanted to reach out today and give you a little update on where I stand politically. 

The 2020 Election is going to be one unlike any other , not only nationally, but here in Southwest Florida as well. 

With Francis Rooney opting to retire from Congress, candidates from all across the district are tossing their names in the hat in the race to replace him. 

Most of the candidates are career-politicians looking for a taxpayer paid promotion, hardly something our nation’s founders had in mind. 

The exception? My good friend, Dr. William Figlesthaler. 

Dr. Fig is a longtime Naples resident with a lifetime of private sector experience. 

Like me, Dr. Fig knows that District 19 needs a strong voice in Washington willing to work to actually get things done, not a career politician looking for the next step on their way to higher office.   

Keeping America Great in 2020 means sending real, bold conservative leaders to Washington. Someone willing to fight the extreme left and stop our nation from heading down a path to economic devastation. 

This race is going to be tough. Dr. Fig is up against heavy-handed career politicians with piles of PAC money stocked away. It is imperative that we help him fight back. 

Will you join me in going all in for Team Fig? 


Former Sen. Garrett Richter
Paid for by William Figlesthaler for Congress