JWOC's Second Quarterly Newsletter!

Welcome to JWOC’s second newsletter of 2019!

It’s been an exciting quarter for everyone here at JWOC. In our previous newsletter, we hinted at our new strategic developments, including our new mission statement. Over the last 13 years, JWOC has learned that focusing on equitable access to education is where we can make the greatest difference in the lives of Cambodian youth, giving them an opportunity to better their future and become leaders in their community.

We sat down with Konthea and Kneath to talk about the future of JWOC's programs, which you can read about here . What do you think?
Updates from the office:

After 10 years of service supporting JWOC, we are sad to see Vantha leave. Vantha started working at JWOC as our bookkeeper in 2009, and oversaw our Scholarship Program until 2017. Over 140 students graduated with University degrees under Vantha’s guidance, and he remembers every single one of them to this day. Vantha has also fundraised several thousands of dollars for JWOC during various events, such as 10km runs and hikes up Kulen Mountain. He will always be an integral part of the JWOC family, so this is less of a goodbye, and more of a see you later. We wish Vantha the very best with his next adventure.
Konthea (left) has taken over as our new Programs Manager. 6 years ago, she started as our Community Support Program Manager. She then became our Education Manager 2 years ago, and is now responsible for overseeing all of our programs. Congratulations, Konthea!

As the Scholarship Program takes center-stage, we would like to welcome Dane (middle), who is our new Scholarship Program Coordinator. Also new to the team is Chamnan (right), who will be overseeing JWOC’s Administration and Finances. We hope you will join us as we give them both a warm welcome!
From the blog:

We have even more great stories from our students on our blog! You can read about Amkha’s experience facilitating our staff team building, how Borey manages his studies and work, a 360 view of Sophoas’ life, how Sothida and Yen navigate interviews, and Neth’s JWOC journey so far .

As we begin recruiting for our next intake of Scholarship students, we decided to feature some inspirational stories from our alumni, including Tep , Sophea a nd Dany .

If you want to learn more about how you can support JWOC, you can become a monthly giver , or read this blog post about how you can donate to JWOC while you shop .
Juju's Mews:
“We had great feedback about my new section in the mews-letter! In this quarter’s mews, I would like to feature Sochea and her 5-week exchange in Arizona with the Young South East Asia Learners Initiative (YEASLI). Sochea is a growing role model for our students as they develop their leadership skills. She brought us back some chocolate from the US, but sadly I couldn’t eat any because I would get very sick. However, she has written some purrfect blog posts with updates from her experience, so make sure you give them a read here !”
With best wishes,

Kneath Heard
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