An experience like no other - Get ready for the best summer ever with or programs and conferences for youth!: Our summer programs for youth seek to affirm young people of their calling to be and shape the church today. We provide seven conferences for youth each summer giving them the opportunity to grow as leaders in the church. At Montreat Youth Conference and Montreat Middle School Conference, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their faith, experience new mission opportunities, and build community together.  Keep reading to see why participating in a conference for youth is important for your congregation!
Montreat nurtures spiritual growth: Our conferences engage youth through various worship and study opportunities encouraging them to explore and define their faith. Worship services use scripture, Reformed theology, and song to affirm and unite youth as children of God. Youth leave Montreat knowing that their faith matters, that they are loved, and that they are part of a larger community of faith.
Montreat builds community:  The relationships and friendships that youth have with other members of their group play a vital role in the success of a thriving youth ministry. These relationships are built through deep conversations, connection, and shared experience. When you attend a Montreat conference, you will see those relationships blossom as youth play games, share meals together, and discuss their faith with each other - building a sense of community and strengthening the church as a whole.
Montreat lets youth have fun!: And of course, our conferences encourage youth to have fun! Each conference includes multiple special events (like trivia nights, variety shows, or scavenger hunts) as well as various recreation opportunities. We believe that people who can play together can pray together; people who can sing together can talk together; and people who can dance together can walk together, making recreation just as integral to the Montreat experience!
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Montreat Middle School Conference - 6th-8th Grade • Maryville, TN • July 19–23, 2023
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Montreat Youth Conference - 9th-12th Grade • Montreat, NC • June 4–August 5, 2023
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