Dear friend & advocate,  


My name is EunSang Lee. I am with the First United Methodist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. This week, I'm in Washington D.C. to join NAKASEC, our partners and immigrant leaders as the Senate Judiciary Committee goes into the third week of considering amendments to the immigration reform bill.


As I take part in vigils and legislative visits to remind Senators to stand with families, please take a moment to make a call right now. The members of the Senate Judiciary Committee need to hear from all of us. We need to let them know that family unity must be improved.



Hello. My name is [YOUR  NAME] from [YOUR CITY, STATE]. I am calling to urge Senator [NAME OF SENATOR] to support amendments to improve family unity, including all of Hirono's amendments.


I also urge the senator to oppose amendments Cruz #4 and Sessions #48.  


Hirono #5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 would allow U.S. citizens to continue sponsoring their siblings and married children over 31, raise the cut-off date for married kids to 39 instead of 31, and improve the likelihood for these family members to be reunited, especially when their U.S. citizen family member has not used the family visa system before or would experience hardship.


Senator Cruz's Amendment #4

This amendment would completely eliminate family-sponsored visa categories for married adult children as well as siblings.


Senator Sessions' Amendment #48

This amendment would not give points for brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens under the proposed merit-based immigrant system.

**Script and amendment summaries gathered through information provided by Church World Service, Fair Immigration Reform Movement, National Immigration Law Center


Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Leahy (VT): 202-224-4242
Senator Feinstein (CA):
Senator Whitehouse (RI):
Senator Klobuchar (MN):
Senator Durbin (IL):
Senator Schumer (NY):
Senator Franken (MN):
Senator Blumenthal (CT):
Senator Coons (DE):
Senator Hirono (HI):
Senator Lee (UT):
Senator Hatch (UT):
Senator Cornyn (TX): 202-224-2934
Senator Flake (AZ): 202-224-4521
Senator Sessions (AL): 202-224-4124
Senator Graham (SC): (202) 224-5972
Senator Cruz (TX): (202) 224-5922
Senator Grassley (IA): 202-224-3744


We have the power to improve the bill for families. Your call is urgent and important. Please take the time to call now and tell the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to support amendments to improve family unity, including supporting all of Hirono's amendments and opposing Cruz #4 and Sessions #48.  


Thank you.


Together, we build America's future.


-- Rev. EunSang Lee, Dae Joong Yoon, Dong Yoon Kim, Jane Yoo and the entire NAKASEC team



PS - If you are on Twitter, you can also tweet the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee with the hashtags #CIRmarkup #SJC: @SenatorLeahy,  @SenFeinstein, @ChuckSchumer, @SenatorDurbin, @SenWhitehouse, @amyklobuchar, @alfranken, @ChrisCoons, @SenBlumenthal, @maziehirono, @ChuckGrassley, @OrrinHatch, @SenatorSessions, @LindseyGrahamSC, @JohnCornyn, @SenMikeLee, @tedcruz, @JeffFlake



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