Dear Friends of Alpine Learning Group,
Alpine Learning Group has always been about building community, meeting challenges, and navigating change. While the unprecedented times we now live in present unique obstacles, they also present a unique opportunity to recognize our determination and resilience, and to recommit to our shared purpose.

I want to reassure you that Alpine is respecting and adhering to all CDC and federal and state government mandates and recommendations for temporary program suspension and strict social distancing. We have always and will always put the safety of our families and our community first. But we also continue to honor our mission and values, and have quickly and seamlessly transitioned to providing services through distance-based and telehealth learning programs. Our learners continue to engage every day with our dedicated staff, and to meet their educational goals even as together we meet the challenges of COVID-19. Indeed, it is Alpine’s core values – partnership with learners and their families, data-driven innovation, and compassionate engagement – that have enabled us to adapt Alpine’s programming to these new platforms, and to keep our entire community engaged in the common enterprise of learning and growing.

One thing has remained a constant for me throughout the current crisis: sharing in our families’ daily successes is still the highlight of my day, every day. I am moved by the commitment of our staff members, the courage of our learners, and the love and warmth of our families. I am amazed and grateful to feel as close as ever, despite the necessary physical distance, to our shared values and vision.

Of course, right now Alpine needs your help more than ever. Although we are working tirelessly to maintain the highest level of service to our families, we continue to suffer significant revenue losses due to government-mandated program closures and cuts in fees for the services we provide. We need your support to continue high-quality programming for the duration of the shutdown, and to ensure that when it is safe to do so, we can welcome you back to programs that are fully staffed, fully prepared, and fully operational.

Show your support by donating whatever you can to the
I mentioned before that being a part of our learners’ daily achievements is always, and without exception, the highlight of my day. Below, I have shared some of those moments that continue, despite the physical distance between Alpine staff and our learners and families. Please enjoy them and know that you play a part in making these moments a daily reality, during this uncertain and challenging time. 
Lily’s teachers keep on teaching even if they can’t be right beside her.
With Alpine’s support Jimmy's mom ensures that Jimmy's day is full of meaningful activities.
With Alpine’s support our adults with autism stay connected and keep learning.
Please stay healthy.

Bridget Taylor, PsyD, BCBA
Executive Director and All the Alpine Families and Staff