Attention: New York Registered
Mortgage Brokers and Licensed MLOs
Are you ready for the New Economy? 

Because it is already here! We are already facing higher interest rates and longer marketing times for properties. Most experts expect this trend to continue.  What will you do? How will you maintain your loan volume? Do you have a plan? 

Do not let your share of the market shrink away from you while others are diligently preparing for this new market environment! 

This year’s NYAMB Convention is designed to provide you with the insight and tools necessary to grow your business in the coming months.   

Come and learn how to protect your business and your business model now and for the future.

We have assembled a dynamic and comprehensive selection of speakers and topics designed to keep you profitable and relevant in this new economy. We have added a second day to this event so that Mortgage Brokers and their LOs will have time to communicate with their colleagues and compare notes and winning strategies as well as pitfalls to avoid. 

This is the first year in many that the program extends over two-days so that we can offer More… Education, Regulatory Guidance, Lenders, Venders and Expert Speakers Galore! 

This is the biggest event of the year for NYAMB Mortgage Brokers! 

Do NOT miss this event and the opportunity to put your finger on the pulse of the business and the shape of things to come in 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you all there...

Mark Favaloro, NYAMB President
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