Greetings Crossroads Family,

On Tuesday, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church voted to move forward with the Traditional Plan which strengthens language to exclude LGBTQIA persons from ordination and marriage within the Church.  I am writing to assure you that Crossroads UMC remains fully committed to the unlimited welcome of Jesus for all people including our LGBTQIA family. The leadership of our Crossroads family will move forward with a commitment to remain steadfast in God’s unconditional love as offered in the completely open table of Jesus!

Because we are a global church with delegates from around the world (some living in countries where to be identified as LGBTQIA is illegal and punishable by prison or death), the final vote was 53% to 46%. Yet the truth is 66% of the American delegates at General Conference support full inclusion of LGBTQIA persons. 

I want you to be assured that our Crossroads family will continue to offer an unlimited and gracious welcome to all persons without regard to gender, race, physical abilities, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Everyone is a sacred member of God’s family.

I will be holding a meeting for further discussion after worship this Sunday.

Cathy and I are headed back from Seattle today and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.

Love from us to each of you. Remember, Love Wins!