Yes, HBD stands for Homecare By Design!
 We stand proud to serve the seniors in our community that paved the way for us to have the great Country that we live and raise our families in today. HBD is starting a new initiative this week to continue providing the highest quality of service to our employees and the seniors we serve and care for. HBD-Hands Before Duty, training will be given to all of our employees reinforcing the importance of Universal Precautions. Our caregivers are being directed to wash their hands upon entry to the home, frequently throughout their visit and just prior to leaving. We are requiring all caregivers to wear a mask during their shifts for the next 15 days. We will not send any employee who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or flu into homes of clients. They will be asked to see their family physician and will only be allowed back to work with a doctor note clearing them of any illness. We believe with actions being taken by our community and our country this will end in a reasonable amount of time.