Dear WAPRO Community,

We are writing with heavy hearts to let you know that we are mourning the loss of our President, friend, colleague, and mentor, Sheila Friend Gray, who passed March 17th, 2020. She was a committed public servant. Sheila served on the WAPRO Board for over 5 years. She was widely respected throughout Washington State. Sheila was passionate about education on compliance with RCW 42.56 for public employees and believed strongly in our mission. She was also an expert in her field of public records and tackled significant issues in the public records arena, including body cameras in law enforcement. She stood out by her actions, attitude, guidance, and her warm smile. Sheila was always dedicated to her family whom she loved immensely. Our hearts ache to know the world is a little less bright because of her passing.
WAPRO Past President Denise Vaughan said, “I am saddened and shocked to hear of Sheila’s passing. My time serving on the WAPRO board with her for over four years allowed me a lot of opportunities to not only work alongside her but also get to know her as a person. Sheila was a lovely human! She was hard-working, caring of others, a great team player, no-nonsense, kind, a great listener, supportive and a whole lot of fun. Knowing Sheila as I did, I feel I know her family as well because she talked about each of them so often. They were her #1 loves in life and my heart is heavy for them as they grieve the loss of their beloved mom and wife. As I process the news of my former friend and cohort’s passing, I am reminded by her example to love well and love consistently those we hold dear and to not take for granted the time we have to do so. Sheila, my life is richer having known you and your influence on those you invested in both professionally and personally will live well beyond you. Thanks for being a great teammate and friend.”
As we forge ahead without her light, passion, and commitment, we will carry the torch in a way that always honors her memory. Sheila will be missed immensely and will never be forgotten. In the years ahead, may we continue to serve all public disclosure and records officers with the same fervor, commitment and passion as Sheila. We will continue to practice her guidance and lessons.

Please feel free to email if you have any memories or words you would like to share about Sheila’s impact.

With deepest sympathy,

WAPRO Board of Directors
  • Jenny Hallengren-Sawyer, President-Elect
  • Cynthia Whaley, Vice-President
  • Tyler Entrekin, Treasurer
  • Tracy Becht, Secretary
  • Karen Horowitz, Director
  • Bonnie Voegele, Director
  • Brian Lewis, Director
  • Luara Baseler, Director
  • Denise Vaughan, Past President
  • Amy Ohlinger, Executive Director