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October 5, 2016
Insulator Family
Available on all bronze and brass
ball valves up to 2 inches
Does your insulating valve handle do it all? No sweat INSULATOR/MS™ from Milwaukee Valve is the only insulating ball valve handle that does it all - controls condensation, has reliable memory stop, and saves time since there is no need to disassemble for adjustments.
INSULATOR creates a heat transfer barrier between piping systems and the exposed portion of a valve handle and surrounding air. This barrier reduces or eliminates condensation, and keeps damaging moisture from infiltrating insulated systems. And its operating range of 15° F to 250° F lets you spec multiple project types with one versatile product.

INSULATOR/MS™ is certified to UL R27752 and UL 2043 standards for fire test as to heat and visible smoke release rate for discrete products installed in air-handling spaces.

Installing a Milwaukee Valve Insulator Handle with Memory Stop
Installing a Milwaukee Valve Insulator Handle with Memory Stop

INSULATOR's unique memory stop adjusts easily with a few quick turns of a hex wrench, while competitive handles require time-consuming disassembly to perform stop adjustments. For specs and other info, visit,, or

"Galloup Company is privileged to consider Milwaukee Valve as a partner in our efforts to support manufacturers who provide quality products and demonstrate the service capabilities required to meet today's market demands."
Jim Barnes - Galloup

All Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve UltraPure™ solder end valves designed for potable water service allow the installer to choose their preferred solder and flux combination. Not all valve manufacturers can make that statement. Ask first, and avoid falling victim to a manufacturer limiting your warranty because their design does not allow you to choose.
UP Solder
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