Derick & Kayla Sherfey

Situated near the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado, hosts 4.8 million people within its metro-area. However, there is only one Southern Baptist church for every 20,135 people. After initially sensing that God may be calling him and his family to the international mission field, Derick Sherfey was called to Denver to plant The Oaks Church, where a neighborhood containing people from 40 nations and who speak 60 different languages lies just a mile away from them. The world is literally at the Sherfey’s doorstep. Derick and Kayla also play a key role with the Denver ministry center for Send Relief, the compassion ministry arm for Southern Baptists. Your support through the Cooperative Program equips God-called men and women all across the world to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives to go and tell others the Good News of Jesus. Pray for the Lord to continue to give the Sherfey family favor as they serve the city of Denver and share the Gospel with their neighbors.